2015 Out-Of-Hand TBR Challenge

Out of Hand TBR Challenge

Sarah and I have been dying for a little healthy competition between the two of us!  Ok, maybe I should speak for myself.  Anyway, we stumbled across a similar challenge on It’s All About Books and immediately fell in love with the concept (you can check out the original post that served as our inspiration here).  We’ve decided to add a bit of our own twist creating our own 2015 challenge…The Out-Of-Hand TBR Challenge!


As the title might suggest, the goal of the challenge is to reduce your TBR pile significantly over the coming year, seeing as this is something that we both struggle with.  This challenge is designed to serve as a competition between two readers.  Here at Brewing Up Books, Sarah and I have decided to compete against one another.  For any participants that wish to sign up for the challenge, you can either select a partner yourself, or you can post a comment below to let us know that you are interested and in search of a partner.  We can then find you a partner that is also willing to participate in the challenge.

Setting a Reading Goal

Before January 15th, decide with your partner upon the number of books per month that you would like to read from your TBR pile.  This number will remain the same for the duration of the year.  For example, Sarah and I collectively decided that we would read 2 books per month from our TBR pile.  In January, we will each read 2 books, in February, we will each read 2 books, etc.  I think you get the idea.

Point System

This competition will take place on a point basis.  Participants can gain and lose points throughout the course of the year, determining how they are doing in relation to their partner, as well as the total list of participants.  We will be creating a list of total participants and their point totals, which will be updated monthly.  The overall winner (the individual with the highest number of points) will be determined on December 31st, 2015, and will receive a prize.

Earning Points

Points can be earned in multiple ways:

  1. Participants will earn 1 point for achieving his/her monthly goal.
  2. The partner who reaches the predetermined monthly goal first will receive 1 point.
  3. For each additional book that is read (above and beyond your predetermined monthly goal), 1 point will be added.  Therefore, if you achieve your monthly goal and then proceed to read 3 more books, you will earn 3 additional points.
  4. For each month, the partner who reads the longest book will receive 1 point.  Book length will be determined by the number of pages listed on Goodreads for the most popular edition of the book.

Losing Points

Similarly, points can be deducted in several ways (and yes, it is possible to have a negative value for your total number of points):

  1. For every new book that is purchased, received as a gift, or received as an ARC, 1 point will be subtracted from that participant’s total.
  2. A failure to complete the predetermined monthly goal will result in the deduction of 1 point from that participant’s total.

Keeping Track of Points

On January 15th, when sign-ups close, a Google Spreadsheet will be created and shared with all participants.  Throughout the month, participants can edit the spreadsheet to update the total number of books they have read during each month, the book with the greatest number of pages that they have read, etc.  All information for a particular month must be updated by the last day of the month, when a post will be published here on Brewing Up Books, announcing everyone’s totals and inviting all participants to post a link to their monthly wrap-up for the challenge.  Sarah and I will be totaling points for each month and for the year overall.

What Books are Eligible for the Challenge?

To be eligible for this challenge, books must be…

  • in your TBR pile for more than 1 year (this challenge excludes any books published during 2014)
  • at least 100 pages in length
  • no rereads

Posting Schedule

On the final day of each month, a post will be published here on Brewing Up Books, announcing each participant’s total number of points, as well as reminding everyone to post a link to their monthly wrap-up for the challenge.  In your monthly wrap-up, you can include any information of your choosing that is pertinent to the challenge.  Here are some ideas (you do not have to include these):

  • how many total books you read
  • a list of the books that were read
    • links to any reviews you may have written about these books
  • a list of books that you received as gifts or bought
  • your partner’s progress and link to his/her blog (unless you share a blog)
  • books that you are planning to read for the challenge in the upcoming month

To Participate

If you would like to participate, create a post on your blog (or on Goodreads if you do not have a blog) introducing the challenge, add the sidebar image to your blog (optional), and click here to fill out the provided form.  Once you have filled out the form, your name will be added to the list of participants below, and you will receive further information via email.  The form will be open all year, so you can join at any time.  If you are having issues signing up or have any questions, feel free to post them below!


Sidebar Image

2015 Out-Of-Hand TBR Challenge
2015 Out-Of-Hand TBR Challenge

Hopefully, this will reduce our TBR piles to a more manageable size and allow us to make a few friends along the way.  Happy reading!

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