2014 Christmas Haul

Monthly Rewind

As 2014 comes to a close, we wanted to share some of the gifts that we received this Christmas (maybe to help you use up some of those giftcards?).  Our families are huge believers in giftcards, so we’ve amassed quite a few ourselves.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations on how we should spend them, feel free to comment below!

Olivia’s Haul


I ended up receiving several Barnes and Noble giftcards from extended family, so I purchased these four books after Christmas using my giftcards:

image image image image

The following books were given to me by friends and family members, all of which have been on my TBR list for quite some time.

image image image image image image


My family believes in owning the physical copies of CDs.  To be honest, purchasing a digital copy of an album on iTunes or Amazon makes me nervous – what if something goes wrong, your music is deleted, and you can’t recover it?  Anyway, here are the CDs that I received (yes, I know, most of them were released awhile ago):


Yes, I am still a large Taylor Swift fan.


This is a bit embarrassing, but I hadn’t listened to any of their songs until now…whoops…


This is a fairly unknown group that became popular on Youtube through covers of well-known songs.  This is their first album, and I love it!


Once again, my family doesn’t trust digital copies of movies – we don’t have netflix or fios or on demand or whatever else the heck people tend to have in association with their TVs.  We simply have the most basic TV package due to our busy schedules, which tend to leave little time to watch television.



This technically isn’t a movie, but I figured I’d throw it in this category anyway.  The Big Bang Theory is my favorite TV show at the moment, but I never have an opportunity to watch it when new episodes are airing.  Therefore, my amazing parents found a solution: buying the season 7 disc so I can catch up on all of the episodes that I’ve missed.



This is a bit of a hidden talent, but I love to draw (most of you probably didn’t know this, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it anywhere).  I decided that gray paper would help set a specific mood for some images, so I’m overjoyed that my parents remembered!


My new owl footie pajamas (they are footies, I promise!) in the box.


My owl footie pajamas out of the box.  I don’t have a full-length mirror, so I couldn’t manage to get the feet in the picture… I know, it’s a shame.


I’ve been wanting a bluetooth speaker for my room for quite awhile now.  I couldn’t believe that my parents actually bought this for me!  I’ve been using it almost constantly since Christmas, even though it freaks out my dogs to no end!


This is one of my favorite gifts because it feeds my coffee addiction!  Yes, it is one of the models that have been recalled.  Yes, I have been using it and haven’t had any issues.  I’m officially addicted.  I don’t think I could go more than a day or two without it at this point.

Sarah’s Haul


IMG_1523 IMG_1524 IMG_1526 IMG_1527 IMG_1529 IMG_1528

All these books except Girl Online, I personally bought as gifts to myself. The One and Hollow City are actually signed, which I thought was really cool! Reviews soon to come.



This was probably my favorite gift. As you can see the back of the snowflake says let it go and the back of the Olaf charm says some things are worth melting for. Frozen is probably my favorite Disney movie by far.


IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1533 IMG_1534 IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1538

I love movies, love going to the theater, and love sitting on my chair and watching one on my TV. The majority of these movies I recently discovered and just love them. Reviews soon to come.



These boots look cuter in person, I swear. These were a surprise gift, and I was so happy when I unwrapped it.

What did you get this year?


4 thoughts on “2014 Christmas Haul

  1. Awesome hauls you guys got! I didn’t get any books, but I got plenty of gift cards. LOVE that!! I also just got Taylor Swift’s new CD. Yes, I am a fan too. 🙂


    • Sometimes giftcards are better than actual books, because then you can pick out exactly what you want 🙂 And I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, so it’s nice to meet someone else who is! I’ve been listening to her album nonstop since Christmas!


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