Friday Finds: Patience and Cough Medicine

Friday Finds

This is sort of book related….While attempting to read Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle, I noticed I was starting to get a sore throat…one week later I have a smokers cough that won’t go anyway. With that I have nothing productive this week, because if you are like me, nothing seems worth it when your sick. Don’t worry I am going to the doctors today, but I’m worried. I’m not scared of going to the doctors or needled or any of that stuff, I’m afraid that there will be nothing they can do to help me. I worried that I’ll go back to school with a cough that can clear a room and be constantly ask ‘are you alright’.

However being sick and coughing my lung ups have taught me two things: patience comes in levels and Bones is a fantastic show. Patience is something that I personally think I have, however this week severely questioned it. Will this medicine work? When will it work? Why can’t I sleep? Why am I tired, its 1 in the afternoon? Hopefully by the next time I post I can breathe without coughing/hacking.

As for the show Bones, why did I take so long to discover this show. Review is later to come about this show…I started this show last week…I successful binged watched it and now I’m only two episodes away from season 2 finale.

Okay, back to coughing….

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