Review: Dracula

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January: Dracula, by Bram Stocker 

Original Publication Date: May 26, 1897

Publisher: Constable & Robinson

Dracula is a 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker.

Dracula was my first classic novel that I read (well, actually listened to) for the classic challenge. The book is told through letters that each of main characters have written. Through these letters, Count Dracula is portrayed as a mysterious man.

My first impression of this book wasn’t a good one. I mean, Stoker goes into so much detail about how Jonathan Harker, the first major character, is creeped out by Dracula. If Harker was so scared of Dracula, then why didn’t he leave as soon as he could and not let himself be trapped? However, Harker allows himself to be held captive and tormented by Dracula. The one good thing that Dracula was save Hacker from three female vampires (whom I assumed were meant to be the fates).

imageThe book then switches narratives to letters between Mina (Harker’s fiancée) and her friend Lucy. These letters include how Mina is worried about Harker. It also made apparent that Lucy fallen ill. The hero of the book was Abraham Van Helsing, who was able to figure out why Lucy was sick and why Mina was also starting to become ill. He was ultimately able to defeat Dracula.

Overall, this book was good. As mentioned before, I listened to this as an audio book. Because Stoker is a very detailed writer, I sped up the speed of the narration to get through the book faster. This seemed to work for me, however, I know that might not work for a lot of people.

The only sad thing about Dracula was that he did not sparkle when he was exposed to sunlight….oh twilight

I give it….

3/5 Cauldrons

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