Movie Review: Into the Woods

Reviews image Movie Review: Into the Woods Into the Woods was released on Christmas Day, (It seems like a theme is occurring) It is a musical movie based on a play. It focuses on the retelling of the Grimm Fairy Tales (not Disney). The main characters are a baker, the baker’s wife, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack (from the Jack and the beanstalk), Cinderella’s Prince, Rapunzel’s Prince, and the Witch. The plot centers around the adventures of each of these characters as they travel through the woods. The movie contained most of the songs that are in the play, but some had to be redone, others were cut out entirely from the poem.

For being rated PG, this movie did have some extremely dark elements. Not even 15 minutes into the movie, Johnny Depp’s character, the big bad wolf, comes off as a creep (respectively) and then starts to sing a song that ultimately confirms that he is a perv. The movie continues and we find out that the princes are looking to settle down…if you know what I mean. However, both Cinderella’s Price (played by Chris Pine) and Rapunzel’s Prince (played by Billy Magnussen) perform the best song in the movie.    Link here I personally enjoyed this movie. I am a big fan of fairly tales, musicals with catchy songs, and hot guys playing princes. However I don’t think this film is suitable for children. Many of the themes are adult, and their is surprisingly number of disturbing scenes and many deaths. Personally some of the scenes I though could have been done better, or the dialogue improved. However I could be completely speaking out of term because I have not seen the actual play. If any of you saw the movie comment whet you think of it…love to hear all your opinions.

I give it…

4/5 cauldrons

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5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Into the Woods

  1. I’ve seen the musical so many times I pretty much have it memorized. The dialogue is pretty much exactly spot-on, though to make up for the time difference (the movie a half hour or so shorter than the stage version) there were some slight alterations. The guy who wrote the screenplay also co-wrote the original musical with Sondheim so he wasn’t likely to screw up his own work. I prefer the original stage versions of the witch & wolf by 10000067% but I thought the rest of the cast was excellent and I’m a HUGE James Corden fan and his Baker was worth rewatching all on its own.


  2. It was interesting to read your thoughts on this as someone who hasn’t seen the play. I love the play and I think this movie didn’t quite do it justice, but your assessment of the movie seems spot on. It’s a great film, just not as nuanced or funny or emotional as the live musical. It is strange that Disney did this film, since the musical is pretty dark, and I think if it was done by another company, that might have made this film much more cohesive.


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