Discussion: Why are trilogies running our lives


Trilogies: we all have read them, or even obssessed over them. But why are they suddenly taking over the literary world?

I read a lot of YA, and I mean a lot. However, I’ve started to notice that every new book I want to read is part of a trilogy. Every time I find new books, I feel like I’m signing a contract which states that I must read all three books in sequence. However, I tend to break this contract about 95% of the time.

YA authors have a system. The first book is amazing and nothing can compare to it; it has an exciting plot, relatable characters, and a terrible cliffhanger. But then, you find out that there’s a second book. You get really excited, and read the second book just as quickly as the first, but there are some minor disappointments. The plot is not as nearly as good, and you start to notice some major holes in the development of your favorite characters. And then you wait 6 months for the last book of the trilogy, which you feel the need to love. You read the first page, and then is all goes downhill, fast. You become so disappointed that you wonder why you choose this book series in the first place.

But then, we have the other spectrum of trilogy readers, which include myself. You find a new book, and it’s pretty good. You finish it, and then realize that it’s part of a trilogy. You put the second and third book on your tbr list, and then a year later, you finally read them. By that time, you have a faint memory of what happened in the previous book, so the reads are good, but not fantastic.

Most of the people I know fall under these two stereotypes, and there is pretty much no in between. These trilogies are running our lives. I would love to know your thoughts in trilogies, comment below.

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11 thoughts on “Discussion: Why are trilogies running our lives

  1. Hunger Games is the only trilogy I’ve read (apart from LOTR but I think that’s one big book divided in 3 parts :P)..Thankfully Harry Potter was sevenlogy (I’m lazy so won’t search the correct word :P) 😀


  2. I’m honestly sick of trilogies. The second book always feels like a filler to get to the final book. Like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. First movie was good. Second sucked and the third felt like a cop out. Why not have real drama and plot progress and character growth in *all* of the books?


  3. I usually wait until a series is finished or nearly finished before I start reading them – that way I don’t have to wait long between reading the books.
    It can be annoying when you have to wait a year for the next book in a series, especially when there’s a big cliffhanger.
    Great post! 🙂


  4. In series terms, I love trilogies. I think it’s the perfect size for a series! Anything more is just too much for me, mostly before I just don’t have the patience to wait for 1 book ever year for 4 or more years straight! But I do really have a problem with finishing them…
    By the time book 2 comes out, I’ve already forgotten what happened in book 1!


  5. My favorite book is called Angelfall. It was supposed to be a 5 book series which was perfect but then it was changed to a trilogy. I was so sad :(. I wish there were more series in YA vs. trilogies.

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  6. Good post. I have actually read a couple of trilogies that could have been condensed into one book, like Maze Runner for instance. I feel like now it’s just a way to sell more books. People will keep buying the next ones in the series to see what happens. Ugh, I hate it.


  7. I’m going to have to really disagree here! Don’t get me wrong, yeah sometimes series do end up disappointing me because I love the first book and the finales are never as good (Mara Dyer, Delirium, Shatter Me etc.) but more often than not I think books improve as the series goes on! My biggest argument for this would be the Throne of Glass books (not a trilogy, but still). The first book was so-so, but the second and third were SO epic. Daughter of Smoke & Bone too – the sequels were absolutely awesome and the finale was the best I’ve ever read!


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