Sunday Stumper #1: Classics

Sunday StumperWe’ve decided to introduce a new weekly meme here at Brewing Up Books…Sunday Stumper!  Each Sunday, we’ll be posting a literary based challenge, puzzle, game, etc. that can be downloaded on a computer, tablet, or smartphone (or even printed out).  The following week, we will post the correct solution to the puzzle, along with a new one.  You can complete the puzzle at your leisure throughout the week, and, if you manage to finish it, you can email it to us ( for a chance to be featured!  The first person to correctly complete the puzzle and email it to us will have their blog or Goodreads account featured on our sidebar and will also be mentioned in our Sunday Stumper post the following week.  

The puzzles will vary from week to week, potentially consisting of crossword puzzles, matching, fill-in-the-blank (with or without a wordbox), word searches, etc.  We have determined weekly topics for our Sunday Stumper, which can be viewed here.  If you’re interested in posting a Sunday Stumper on your blog, you’re more than welcome to!  Please just remember to link back to Brewing Up Books!

Since this is our first attempt at a Sunday Stumper, if you have any ideas/suggestions/improvements, please leave them in a comment below.  We’d love to hear what you think!

To kick off our first Sunday Stumper, we’ve decided to follow the theme of Classics, which are fairly universally read.  Chances are you’ve read a handful of these books and heard about even more of them.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


1. governor in A Scarlet Letter

3. type of car Gatsby drove (2 words)

5. words on Alice’s cake

6. Dutch doctor in Dracula (2 words)

8. topic of the composition Holden wrote for Stradlater

11. Joseph Conrad’s birthplace

13. 14th century pilgrimage (2 words)

18. creature Shakespeare “tames”

19. implant performed by Dr. Frankenstein

20. canine in Peter Pan

21. angelic child in Uncle Tom’s Cabin

23. setting of Rebecca

26. King Lear’s “Poor Tom”

27. Dracula is a descendent of ______

28. Charles Dickens’ pseudonym


2. Tom Sawyer’s close friend

4. Othello’s villain

5. Quasimodo’s love

7. Arthur Radley’s nickname

9. surname of the doctor in the British duo of detectives

10. Catherine Earnshaw’s brother

12. Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s daughter

13. setting of the Old Man in the Sea

14. Bronte sister who authored Wuthering Heights

15. Jane Eyre’s nursemaid

16. name of the Old Man in the Sea

17. Marius’ last name in Les Miserables

19. crazy woman who is locked in the attic in Jane Eyre (first name)

22. location where Pearl wipes away Dimmesdale’s kiss

24. captain in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

25. Mr. Collins’ first name

27. Anna Karenina’s lover


12 thoughts on “Sunday Stumper #1: Classics

  1. This is so much fun! I’m at work (in which I get paid to really not do anything) so this is perfect! And super creative, I definitely haven’t seen anyone else do anything like this! So far I have discovered I have some rather large gaps in my memory of the classics but I WILL finish this without google. I AM DETERMINED.


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