Sunday Stumper #2: Villains

Sunday Stumper

We’ve decided to introduce a new weekly meme here at Brewing Up Books…Sunday Stumper!  Each Sunday, we’ll be posting a literary based challenge, puzzle, game, etc. that can be downloaded on a computer, tablet, or smartphone (or even printed out).  The following week, we will post the correct solution to the puzzle, along with a new one.  You can complete the puzzle at your leisure throughout the week, and, if you manage to finish it, you can email it to us ( for a chance to be featured!  The first person to correctly complete the puzzle and email it to us will have their blog or Goodreads account featured on our sidebar and will also be mentioned in our Sunday Stumper post the following week.

The puzzles will vary from week to week, potentially consisting of crossword puzzles, matching, fill-in-the-blank (with or without a wordbox), word searches, etc.  We have determined weekly topics for our Sunday Stumper, which can be viewed here.  If you’re interested in posting a Sunday Stumper on your blog, you’re more than welcome to!  Please just remember to link back to Brewing Up Books!

If you have any ideas/suggestions/improvements, please leave them in a comment below.  We’d love to hear what you think!

For our second Sunday Stumper, we’ve decided to follow the theme of VIllains, which grace the pages of nearly every book.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!



5. lost his hand to a crocodile

6. a despotic teenage monarch and the second of his family to assume the Iron Throne

8. divided his soul into seven pieces

10. has a lust for power and searches for the tenth ring

12. his signature is a single white rose

13. a police inspector who eventually realizes his own corruption and commits suicide

14. a pig whose character mirrors that of Joseph Stalin

16. repeatedly rivalled one of Victorian Era London’s most famous detectives


1. a leader with a high I.Q. who established a serum that can control the actions of others

2. drives Othello to kill his wife

3. prevents Christmas from coming, banishes happiness, and turns her enemies to stone (two words)

4. a mutinous pirate in search of treasure (two words)

7. a misunderstood monster who returns to his creator in search of a companion

9. relocates from Transylvania to England

11. talented vampire tracker

15. a fire breathing creature with a gold infatuation who takes up residence in a mountaintop city

Answers to Last Week’s Puzzle (click here to see the puzzle):


Unfortunately, we don’t have any winners from last week, but maybe you can be the first Sunday Stumper winner!Signature Olivia


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