Top Ten Tuesday: Things We Like/Dislike About Romance Books

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Olivia’s Top 5 Likes

1. Unlikely pairs. I’m a huge proponent of the theory that opposites attract, and I LOVE relationships between completely contrasting characters!

2. Exotic settings. They tend to lead to an interesting plot and often deviate from the Americanized view of relationships and dating.

3. The morphing of a relationship from close friends to significant others.  While these have a tendency to end poorly, they’re cute while they last!

4. Summer relationships.  There’s just something fun and exciting about them that you don’t tend to see in ordinary relationships.  It also happens to be my favorite season, not that it factors in at all…

5. Love triangles never get old!  I know quite a few people are sick and tired of them, but when they’re done well, they can really make a story.

Olivia’s Top 5 Dislikes

1. Tragic endings. They’re overused and often don’t add anything to the story. Cough, cough…The Fault in Our Stars (don’t tell Sarah!)

2. The classic damsel in distress scenario. Honestly, we live in a world where, in most areas, women are just as empowered as men. I’m fairly certain you’re physically capable of saving your own butt every once in awhile. Prince Charming won’t be there 24/7 to save it for you.

3. Overly controlling significant others. There’s nothing like an obsessive girlfriend who demands an instantaneous response every time she texts her boyfriend. Or the husband that doesn’t permit his wife to socialize with others. While I recognize this is a real life phenomenon, it tends to portray fictional characters as whiny and immature, for which I have zero tolerance.

4. Immediate love at first sight (aka creepy, stalkerish obsession with someone). Please. At least make it realistic. I think I would be more than mildly concerned if a guy started following me around everywhere I went, showed up at my house repeatedly, wouldn’t stop calling/texting. That’s when I seriously consider a restraining order.

5. The jealous ex. There are only so many forms of sabotage that it begins to get quite repetitive after awhile.  Also, having attended a drama and gossip prone all-girls school since first grade, I’ve experienced enough cat fights and arguments over boys to last me a lifetime.

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things We Like/Dislike About Romance Books

    • I completely agree – everyone can do with a little attraction at first sight! But just because I’m attracted to someone doesn’t mean I’m going to publicly declare my love for them and ask which month they want the wedding held.

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  1. I completely agree with almost all your dislikes (except tragic endings… I oddly like it when authors screw with my mind and they are out of the ordinary). I’m definitely with you on unlikely pairs and friendship romances! I LOVE THOSE! And love triangles get such a bad rep, but as you said, when they are done well, they are very enjoyable!

    My Top Ten


  2. I’m sick to death of insta-love and the jealous aggressive ex. I do, however, enjoy stories where the ex realizes how silly he was and tries to get her back and fails miserably. Those are always fun to read because it shows some character growth. Taking back your ex is like going to a garage sale and buying back your own crap.

    Fun post!


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