Review: Prodigy by Marie Lu

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imageTitle: Prodigy

Author: Maire Lu

Series: The Lengend Series

Publisher: G. P. Putnam’s Sons

Publish Date: January 29th, 2013

Genres: Post Apocalyptic, YA, Dystopian

Injured and on the run, it has been seven days since June and Day barely escaped Los Angeles and the Republic with their lives. Day is believed dead having lost his own brother to an execution squad who thought they were assassinating him. June is now the Republic’s most wanted traitor. Desperate for help, they turn to the Patriots – a vigilante rebel group sworn to bring down the Republic. But can they trust them or have they unwittingly become pawns in the most terrifying of political games?

“Love is illogical, love had consequences–I did this to myself, and I should be able to take it.”

I Have Returned! Okay still don’t have a date for prom, but I’m feeling better. Bare with me as I catch up on my posts. Okay Prodigy was a very good second book. We see the return of Day and June and the introduction of Anden, the new leader of the Republic. We also see Day and June struggling with PTSD and sever depression. We also see a new subtle romance start between Day and June.

The book begins with Day and June hitch hiking on a train towards Las Vegas, where they seek to find the Patriots (radical group of soldiers for return of the original United States). Day and June find the help they need, but it comes with a price. They also meet up with Tess (she’s annoying). Apparently she liked Day like a lot but never told him….ugh that’s stupid. Day is reunited with brother Eden, who is now nearly blond (thanks to the deadly plague). Eden also becomes a very crucial plot piece in Prodigy and Champion (the final book of the trilogy).

I personally I really did like this book. I am always quite hesitant when reading the second book of trilogies. They can be either really good like, Catching Fire, or just be a filler like Insurgent. Prodigy could have been a book on its own, sure the reader would have missed some character development but they could follow the book easily. Prodigy had its own plot, that was very interesting. The Patriots were the main plot point which the book was written around.
I would strongly recommend this book to those who have read and liked the first book of this series (Legend). It was very quick read, if you get into it. I listened to this via audio book from my local library. I personally though that the narrators were really good and really captured the essence of the characters (look at me being deep). If any of you guys have read this book I would love to hear your thoughts about it
S.  (sorry this isn’t very long, pressed for time at the momet)

I give it a:

4/5 Cauldrons

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