Harry Potter Read-A-Thon: Discussion #2

Harry Potter Readathon

In honor of the 2015 Harry Potter Read-A-Thon, every Monday, I’ll be posting an update here at Brewing Up Books as to my own reading progress, as well as a discussion that you’re more than welcome to continue onto your blog.

Before jumping into this week’s discussion, here is a potential schedule that you can follow that will help you stay on track and finish up the Read-A-Thon by May 31st:

  • Feb. 1 – Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Feb. 18 – Chamber of Secrets
  • Mar. 1 – Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Mar. 20 – Goblet of Fire
  • April 13 – Order of the Phoenix
  • April 28 – Half-Blood Prince
  • May 1 – Deathly Hallows

Discussion – Draco Malfoy – Villain or Hero?

Throughout much of the series, Draco is portrayed as the main antagonist, popping up repeatedly to terrorize Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Some have attributed Draco’s behavior and attitude toward others to his upbringing. He embraced many of the same mannerism as his parents, particularly of his father. However, at the conclusion of the series, Draco reveals a softer, more compassionate side that he had never previously displayed.

Do you think Draco is simply a misunderstood character with the ability to overcome his familial ties, or is he so thoroughly entangeled in his family’s beliefs that he cannot even save himself?


This week’s trivia game is a crossword puzzle of Harry Potter Spells, part 1 (don’t worry, part 2 will be coming along next week!).  Each week, along with a discussion, there will be a trivia/puzzle component of our post, giving participants (and non participants) an opportunity to pit their Harry Potter knowledge against one another. When you think you’ve solved one of the weekly puzzles, type out your answers and email them to brewingupbooks@gmail.com

The first person to email us all of the correct answers will be featured in next week’s post, along with his/her blog and Goodreads account. Ready to test your luck?

*Disclaimer: the spell descriptions found in the clues were found on Wikipedia



3. creates a narrow beam of light
4. heals minor injuries
7. killing curse
10. the victim is dangled upside down by an ankle
14. trips, freezes, or binds the target
15. renders the victim’s legs temporarily useless
17. creates confusion
18. summoning spell
19. creates the illusion of happiness and potentially results in a laughing fit
20. used to erect something
21. causes objects to sink
24. locks a door
25. creates a pocket of air around one’s head


1. the severing charm
2. reveals nearby humans
5. an alarm that releases a high-pitched shriek when it is tripped
6. the opposite of accio
8. enlarges the target’s bogeys and gives them wings
9. negates many spells
11. gives the castor complete control over someone else’s words/actions
12. causes an object to explode
13. produces fire
16. used in Occlumency
22. the disarming spell
23. inflicts severe pain upon the victim
26. the patronus charm
27. creates a flock of birds
28. the blasting curse, causing the target to burst into flames
29. unlocks doors

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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Read-A-Thon: Discussion #2

  1. I think Draco is one of those characters who have parental burden and pressure..up until the rise of the Dark Lord the Malfoy’s had power and control over wizarding world which they enjoyed and Draco expected the similar authority in Hogwarts as well but Dumbledore did not give them that and nobody treated Malfoy any different..even Severus Snape was only favouring him and other Slytherins to make Harry miserable.I think he did what he did through out the series to get attention because he liked getting attention. Lucious didn’t understand him,he gave him sorrow for getting less marks than a muggle born.Towards the end in the Half Bloog Prince I think you see who really Malfoy is..I was so surprised when Moaning Martyl tells that he cries alot about no one understanding him.Had he been real evil he would’ve told everyone that it was Harry when they’re captured and brought to Malfoy Mansion but he didn’t tell anyone.He just wanted to be loved and live a good long life.
    He was misguided and lost.


    • I can completely see where you’re coming from – I feel like Draco still has the opportunity to alter his personality and outlook in life, even though it would post quite a challenge. I feel like he has a lot of potential, and he was just barely beginning to uncover this potential by the end of the series.


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