Literary Movement Challenge: Renaissance  


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So technically its the first date of March but I’m still catching up on school school and dealing with some issues but hopefully I will be more on track come this month.

For this month Literary Movement Challenge the genre was Renaissance. The Renaissance was a period in Europe where great advances in art and other social work took place. Europe was getting over the horrible affects of Black Plague and  so boom he Renaissance happened. The literary piece I read for this month was Macbeth by William Shakespeare. This Scottish Play is about the rise and full of Dane Macbeth an the side effects of having a power hungry wife.

The play begins with Dane Macbeth and his two friends who just happened to come from fighting in a fierce battle. They stumble across three witches (three fates) and they give them the prophecy that Macbeth will be king. Macbeth is troubled by this because King Duncan just announced that his son will be heir to his throne, not Macbeth. When Lady Macbeth finds out the Macbeth is going to be king, she goes crazy. She convinces her husband to kill the king and kill anyone that gets in his way. After the King Duncan is killed, both his sons flee and Macbeth becomes king. He slowly then starts to go insane. He suspects his bet friend, Banquo, might be up to something Macbeth has him kill along with Banquo’s son Fleance (I think i spelled that right?). However Fleance escapes. When Macbeth is at a banquet he sees Banquo’s ghost, and his wife has to cover for him. Because Macbeth is experiencing so much grief he goes back to see the three witches. (however is main reason to go back is to make sure he will stay king) The witches give him another prophecy and he believes that he can remain king forever. However Duncan’s son comes back and kills Macbeth (exposing a twist in the prophecy).

Okay now on with the review. I read this play first back in December for my high school english class (yay British literature). I re-read this past month so that I could have some what of an idea for this post. Macbeth is the perfect example on how power can destroy a person’s life or in this case a couple’s life and marriage. Lady Macbeth ended up killing herself because of the grief and guilt she felt for orchestrating the murder of King Duncan. Macbeth was killed by Duncan’s son out of revenger. This whole however could have been avoided is Lady Macbeth coul be happy for her husband. She really was the main figure in the whole play. If not for her desire to be Queen, Macbeth would have never have gone through with the murder. There is lot of bird imagery that I should probably point out in this book (thank yo english teacher). Many different types of bird are mentioned throughout the play. Some signal weakness, other strength, while the most signal death (lol the raven). Anyway the main point of this play: when someone tell you something good will happen to you, don’t kill anyone ITS NOT WORTH IT.

Macbeth can be argued as a product of Renaissance literature. Since the play was written by Shakespeare, the renaissance man, Macbeth is a Reinsurance figure. We see in this place the many sides of a man, something we didn’t really see in Beowulf, We see how not everyone cane be a hero, and everyone has flaws.

I would love to here your thoughts on this play. I’m going to go see this play actually this coming month so I might write a review on it.

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