Movie Review: Love, Rosie

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This movie was so cute, adorable, and just perfect. It is a British film that was released on October 22, 2014 in the United Kingdom. It stars Lilly Collins as Rosie and Sam Clafin as Alex (you will always be Finnick in my heart R.I.P.) The movie centers around their relationship and their relationships with other people.

Rose and Alex have always been friends, they’ve been through thick and thin since they were 5, but that all changes the night of Rosie’s 18th birthday. The ‘just friends’ never lasts, and it takes 12 years for them to realize it. When Rosie is 18 she gets pregnant. She think she was going to put her baby up for adoption but she realizes that she love her child and wants to raise it. She names her daughter Katie. Alex gets accepted into Harvard Medical School and flies to Boston. Rosie does not tell her about Katie.

Life goes on and Alex goes through many relationships, who are all duds, but can’t realize what he is missing in his life. Rosie however, is struggling being a single mom. Katie is diagnosed with colic, and Rosie has to deal with the stress. Life goes on some more, Katie is now a receptionist at a hotel and Alex is engaged. Greg, the father of Katie makes a grand appearance, and he is butthead. Life goes on some more, Alex and Rosie both have many ups and down but in the end they realize that they are true soulmates.

I really loved this movie, it was so cute. It’s the perfect date movie. Sadly I do not have a boyfriend so I gladly watched it with my good friend food and his trusty sidekick my iPad. I would strongly recommend this movie, its very similar to Stuck in Love or 500 Days of Summer. If you guys have seen this movie I would love to here what you think of it!

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3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Love, Rosie

  1. i have heard about this movie from my friends, but didn´t know very well what it is about..thank you for this review, definitely going to watch it with my boyfriend when we are together again 🙂


  2. I had been putting off watching this movie because I had read and loved the book a few years ago and was afraid of being disappointed. After reading this post though, I might give the movie a go 🙂


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