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We all know those types of people. You know the ones who are in the front row of the movie theater utterly shocked on whats happening in the movie.

We all know those types of people. You know the ones who are in the front row of the movie theater utterly shocked on what is happening in the movie. And then there’s people like me. Way in the back critiquing the latest book to movie adaptation. I guess what question for this week is: do you guys always read the book before the movie or not?

For me personally, have to read the book before the movie. I hate surprises. Even when I’m going to see a movie that isn’t book-based I read up on background information on it. To be honest I am he worst person to go to the movie with. I love telling people spoilers and I don’t mind when people spoil something for. When someone told about what happened in Allegiant, I was relieved that I knew it beforehand. Now again a lot of you probably think I’m missing the point of reading, and I get it. Reading is suppose to be about discovering new worlds and figuring out new possibilities, but sometimes I just want my little reading future to be planned out to the point.

The by far worst experience I had while seeing a book to movie adaptation, was the Fault in Our Stars. I saw a group of girls that had t-shirts that were fine in the front, but on the back gave away a key plot point of the movie. This annoyed me. I mean sure I don’t mind giving people spoilers about movies/book BUT ONLY IF THEY ASKED. I mean I don’t think that group of girls should have done that. I totally respect people who don’t read the book before movie. Maybe that reading difficulties, or maybe just don’t have time.

I would love to hear your opinion on this….update: I might have a date to prom, might .

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4 thoughts on “Discussion: Books to Movies

  1. If I can help it, I read the book before I see the movie. I know the book is usually better so sometimes it does set me up for disappointment with the movie. Nevertheless . . . I must read the book!


  2. I always read the book first because there is no possible way they can put everything from a book into a movie. You miss details. They cut out whole sections. I feel like I cannot fully appreciate a story line unless I know all the details.


  3. I never want to know what happens in a movie before I see it usually, but if its based on a book I have to read the book first. I strongly believe movie before book is the wrong order.<3 Bee@ Bee Reads Books


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