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imageMovie Review: Grease

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen the movie, it’s a classic. (Warning: If you have not seen this movie, I suggest you watch it before reading this review, spoiler alert). But I don’t believe it should be a classic. Hear me out on this, think about what the movie’s main message is. If you can’t get the guy of the dreams its your fault. And to get the guy, completely change the way you look/act to what he likes. It is also has themes of the dangers of teenage pregnancy. And last but not least the douchest of all douche guys all in one high school.

Okay, for how many issues I have with this movies, I love the soundtrack, and lets be real, John Travolta was hot in the 1970s. ‘Summer Nights’ is the opening song, and it’s supper catchy. I mean One Direction pretty much used its baseline for their song ‘What Makes you Beautiful’. And you doesn’t jam out to ‘Grease Lightening’.

I feel this movie is good for an older audience. Sure little kids will love the songs, but some of the dialogue is a bit mature (along with the whole pregnancy issue). Olivia Newton John and John Travolta work very well together. But sadly I never get a sense of a real connection that most classics have because of the themes.

This movie is actually based off the Broadway play. My high school is putting of the play this month, and I helped out with the costumes. Some of the dialogue had to be changed because wasn’t appropriate for high school students (which is an excuse). If any of you have seen the ply I would love to know your opinions on it compared to the movie. After seeing the high school show, I want to the play professionally done to have a comparison of my own.

I give it…

3/5 cauldrons

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One thought on “Movie Review: Grease

  1. I’m actually planning to watch this one soon for my Movie Musical challenge. I’m pretty familiar with it and have seen bits and pieces but not the whole thing. From what I have seen, I’m not that eager to watch this, so your review feels about right. 🙂 I do like some of the songs though so I am sure that will help carry me through this film! Great review, I hope your high school production goes well!


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