Book Discussion: Female Protagonists


So I’m pretty sure we have all read books with female protagonists, but are they really a true representation of feminine power in literature?

Okay, I promise I won’t get all feminist power, but if I do, please comment. I don’t like it when people shove their beliefs down my throat, so I would absolutely hate if I was doing that to you. I’m pretty sure that we have all read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins or Divergent by Veronica Roth, or even Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. These three books all have one thing in common: they feature a female lead. Though many of you think Bella Swan (and I once thought this too) should not be ranked with Katniss or Tris, if you think about, Bella knew what she wanted with her love life, where as Katniss played two guys (I’m still Team Gale, and you can fight me on that). And I know that Tris was suffering from severe PTSD, but I feel she could have watched and trusted her brother a little more carefully (just saying).

I think my question this week for the discussion is how do you feel about female portrayal in modern literature? Katniss, for example, is supposed to be the hero and shatter stereotypes, but still faces issues with guys. To be honest, if Katniss was a guy, there would not be a love triangle. And I think I can even go so far as saying that if a guy was the main character of a book, he would not have to decide between two girls. If any of you guys know of a book where this happens though (guy and love triangle), please let me know because I would love to read it.

I do have to say, we have come a long way with women in literature. I mean, only 200 years ago it was obscure for a woman to even write a novel. Next year, I’m taking a Women in Literature class where these themes will be heavily discussed. I’m excited for the class and would love to share what Io learn with you guys. Tell me what you think about this topic, I would love to read your thoughts and opinions.


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