Harry Potter Read-A-Thon: Discussion #6

Harry Potter Readathon

In honor of the 2015 Harry Potter Read-A-Thon, every Monday, I’ll be posting an update here at Brewing Up Books as to my own reading progress, as well as a discussion that you’re more than welcome to continue onto your blog.

Before jumping into this week’s discussion, here is a potential schedule that you can follow that will help you stay on track and finish up the Read-A-Thon by May 31st:

  • Feb. 1 – Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Feb. 18 – Chamber of Secrets
  • Mar. 1 – Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Mar. 20 – Goblet of Fire
  • April 13 – Order of the Phoenix
  • April 28 – Half-Blood Prince
  • May 1 – Deathly Hallows

Discussion – Triwizard Tournament…With Four Champions?

At the beginning of Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore introduces the concept of the Triwizard Tournament.  Hosted at Hogwarts, the event involves the selection of three “champions” to compete in a series of tasks.  One champion will be selected from each of the participating schools: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang.  On the appropriated night, the Goblet of Fire selects these champions: Cedric Diggory, representing Hogwarts, Fleur Delacour on behalf of Beauxbatons, and Viktor Krum of Durmstrang.  Just as the ceremony is about to draw to a close, the Goblet of Fire spasms, coughing up another contestant’s name, none other than Harry Potter.

The ensuing debate surrounds whether or not Harry should be allowed to compete in the tournament.  As the rules state, contestants may not back down once they have been chosen.  If Harry participates in the tournament, however, Hogwarts has double the chances to win the tournament and take home the Triwizard Cup.  Ultimately, it is decided that Harry is to compete in the tournament.  Do you agree with this decision?  Why or why not?


This week’s trivia game involves unscrambling the following Wizarding Sweets in order to solve the message at the bottom of the puzzle.  Each week, along with a discussion, there will be a trivia/puzzle component of our post, giving participants (and non participants) an opportunity to pit their Harry Potter knowledge against one another. When you think you’ve solved one of the weekly puzzles, type out your answers (or scan/take a picture of them) and email them to brewingupbooks@gmail.com

The first person to email us all of the correct answers will be featured in next week’s post, along with his/her blog and Goodreads account. Ready to test your luck?

Click to enlarge:


On a completely unrelated side note, does anyone have a Pottermore account? If so, what house have you been sorted into, and what’s your username?

I’m a Ravenclaw, and my username is BronzeProphecy151 if you wanted to add me as a friend.

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