It’s Been a While…..

Hey everyone, no I’m not dead. I did not go on a three month trip in Europe or Asia. I was instead flooded with finals, reports, tests and who knows what. Olivia is a better time manager than I ever be, how she found time to post, I still don’t know So to catch up on a few things:Yes I did go to prom! I was set up, and he was really nice. He had never been to a prom so he was just as excited to go as I was. We both had a good time! Here is a picture of Olivia and I:

Yes I will be posting more reviews this summer. I took my last final today so I am officially now a senior (Yikes) so now I have the whole summer to read and review and complain and laugh and cry over fiction. I will also try to post new photos on our Instagram.

I’m sure there are bunch of other things that I’m forgetting but my lack of sleep is starting to bother me…expect a book review from me tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “It’s Been a While…..

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