Review: The Hiding Place

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imageTitle: The Hiding Place

Author: Corrie ten Boom and John and Elizabeth Sherril

Series: None

Publisher: Batnam

Publish Date: October 1 1984

Genres: NonFiction, Biography

At one time Corrie ten Boom would have laughed at the Idea that there would ever be a story to tell. For the first fifty years of her life nothing at all out of the ordinary had ever happened to her. She was an old-maid watchmaker living contentedly with her spinster sister and their elderly father in the tiny Dutch house over their shop. Their uneventful days, as regulated as their own watches, revolved around their abiding love for one another. However, with the Nazi invasion and occupation of Holland, a story did ensue.

Corrie ten Boom and her family became leaders in the Dutch Underground, hiding Jewish people in their home in a specially built room and aiding their escape from the Nazis. For their help, all but Corrie found death in a concentration camp. The Hiding Place is their story.

“This is what the past is for! Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.”

-Corrie ten Boom

Technology , you are failing me big time. Okay try two for this review.

For our last quarter porject for morality class we were required to read a non fiction book and write a report about how the main charcter show true good Chrisitan morality. I did fairly well on this project, not to brag so the review should be fine.

The ten Boom family was a Dutch family living in Amsterdam during World War Two. They were practing Christians. Corrie and her father were the local watchmakers and did fairly well. However when the Nazis began to accupy Holland, they saw that their Jewish neighbor were in dire of need of help. Corrie along woth support from her father and sisiter, decided to join the underground railroad of Amsterdam. They all did what they could and saved many Jewish lives. The ten Boom family did eventually get arrested. They were all placed in concentration camps. Corrie was the only member to surrive the ordeal. And to leave somthing to think about, her realse was made by a operating error.

I really enjoyed this book. It was something differnt from my usual read. It took a little while to get into though. Maybe I was expecting to be faced base, but I haven’t read an autobiography since gradeschool. This story was truely inspiring. Corrie ten Boom risked her life to protect the lives of people she barely knew.

The main connection I had to make when writing the report for school was consciences. No one is born with a consciend according to me morality teacher. It is our responsibility to from it correctly. The ten Boom family had a morallly correct conscience.

I found this to be a very emotional read. I found myself tearing up by the end of the book, and that should say alot.  I would only read this book if you want a different respective on something (life).

I can’t remember what else I wrote in the first review but it now midnight so I’m goign to go to bed.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, I would love to hear your thoughts an opions on this. promise the next reveiw will be longer…I give this:

3/5 Cauldrons

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