Discussion: OCD Reading Habits


We all have them, maybe some are just more weird than others. They also might be quite unique or outlandish. But each reader has his/her way of getting that must read of the summer on their goodreads “read” shelf.

My number one OCD reading habit is probably where I read. I have to be either on my bed or by the pool. Usually this involves me being in an unnatural position with an ice tea and popcorn. I also tend to read very, very late at night. This is sometimes concerning because I will wake up with a book on top of me and many finger cuts. I also like to go to my local library. However, the air conditioning just recently broke, which means it’s hot and uncomfortable. I personally am not very good with hot weather, so hopefully winter will be coming soon (lol).

This summer, I hope to really expand my reading horizons, which is a little out of my comfort zone. I guess you can say that’s another habit I have. I usually only read what is required for school and YA books, nothing else. I want to read some classics, along with the occasional fluff. (however the book I’m in the middle of now is part of a series….)

So what are your OCD reading habits? I would love to know…hope you enjoyed this! 🙂

I am senior in high school, which is still hard to believe. Reading is one of my passions, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I am also a karate instructor, avid musician, and full time nerd. Between all these activities I still find some time to read and blog. Hopefully between mental health days and vacations, I will read and re-read all of my favorites. And remember: Keep Calm and Carry On!
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10 thoughts on “Discussion: OCD Reading Habits

  1. It’s not really an OCD thing but it is something I do more often than not. I sometimes read the last page of a book before I start reading it. It’s my worse bookish habit.

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  2. I don’t really have many specific reading routines – but I always check the length of chapters before/while reading (the kindle “x minutes left of chapter” option makes this better/worse) – for no very good reason, it just… comforts me to know it.


  3. Ok I really hate the number 13. Hate it! So when reading I cannot stop right at the start of chapter 13 or right at the end of it!!!! I have to read straight from 12-14! Sad I know 😦


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