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Ever since we started Brewing Up Books, we’ve had an ongoing spreadsheet of fellow book bloggers (or, as we’ve been informally referring to it, “The Database”).  We’ve found the database to be extremely helpful, particularly when life became a bit hectic.  Each week, we went down the spreadsheet, using it primarily to…

  1. Read any posts that we may have missed over the past week.
  2. Comment on discussions and reviews that pique our interest.
  3. Meet and converse with new bloggers.

Recently, however, our list of active bloggers has been dwindling – and we wanted to revive it.  We figured that we would start fresh and create an entirely new spreadsheet.  Instead of simply sifting through thousands of blogs and trying to figure out which ones to add, we wanted to reach out and allow people to add themselves to the spreadsheet.  We’ve created a Google Form that will allow you to add all of your info (blog URL, email, goodreads, twitter) to the spreadsheet and enable us to drop in for a visit from time to time!

We can’t wait to hear from everyone!  Do you want us to make the spreadsheet public?

Signature Megan Olivia and Sarah

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