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I was in Barnes and Nobles recently, celebrating yet another year of surviving school. But as I was wondering the many rows of books, I couldn’t help noticing something. The amount of books that featured either summer, summer flings, or silhouettes of depressed looking girls (potentially crying) was very, very overwhelming…and this concerns me, probably more than it should.Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. Sometimes the weather is a bit much, but I really do love the relaxation that summer brings. I mean, who doesn’t love sitting by the pool or staying up late with knowledge that you don’t have anything to do the next day.

Summer officially began for me yesterday, although I do have a standardized test this coming Saturday. Besides that, usually I read some summer related book. So after my journey through B&N, I noticed the overflow of summer related books. Now this bothered me. The main theme among all the books, was summer flings…AND THAT’S WHAT SUMMER IS NOT ALL ABOUT. Okay, maybe I feel this way because sadly I don’t have a significant other, but still. Authors out there, please write about just a plain teenager during the summer. Don’t introduce a romance – instead, give the character friends and focus the plot on maybe school struggles or family conflict, just please not relationships.

I will admit, I am at the very beginning of My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick. And no shame to Fitzpatrick, the book is very entertaining, but these things just don’t happen. Sure, I would love to awkwardly run into my true love who just happens to be my next door neighbor…lol what are the odds.

I guess I’m being a little over dramatic, but what do you think?  If any of you have suggested on what I summer theme book I should read I would love to hear it…hope you liked this!

I am senior in high school, which is still hard to believe. Reading is one of my passions, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I am also a karate instructor, avid musician, and full time nerd. Between all these activities I still find some time to read and blog. Hopefully between mental health days and vacations, I will read and re-read all of my favorites. And remember: Keep Calm and Carry On!
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6 thoughts on “Discussion: Summer

  1. Ugh, I totally agree with you! I get very tired of reading about summer flings and summer romances. Actually, I get tired of seeing books like that – I haven’t actually read one of those in a while. :/ What standardized test are you taking this Saturday? I’m taking the SAT, is that what you’re taking too? I’m just randomly curious, sorry for being nosy. 😛


  2. I noticed this trend in YA when I was a teen too- all the books that had to do with summer were romances. That’s nice, but other interesting things happen in the summer too, and I especially like your suggestion of friendship-type plots- a lot can happen in a friendship or familial relationships over the summer.
    ~Litha Nelle


  3. This is a great point- realistically, not every teenage girl is going to have a fling/ love triangle every summer! I’d much rather read about awesome adventures or road trips than only dramatic relationships. A fluffy romance is nice every once in a while, but I definitely need some variety in my summer books!


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