Movie Review: Pacific Rim

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downloadI saw Pacific Rim two nights ago, and it was awesome! It needed a review so here it goes…

Pacific Rim is a futuristic, scientific, action film. Now this movie came out about two years ago, but it was on sale (thank you Fios). It is set in 2020 and Kajui are attacking Earth. The American military set up a defense program to stop these monsters. The machines intended to stop these creatures, powered by the Army Rangers, were called Jaguars. These giant robots were so cool on screen.

The special effects I thought were amazing in the film. The amount of time and effort that were dedicated to production and editing can be seen in this film. I’m sure that’s where most of the budget went to in the film. The romance in the film however was weak. I mean, I understand that they needed one, but it was very forced. They had no chemistry at all, and for a good portion of the film, there was a language barrier.

This movie was extremely violent. It was rated PG-13, but some scenes were very hard to watch and definitely scared my mom and me. If you get scared easily, I would not watch it. I don’t think I’m going to buy this movie, but it was a good rent. It very much reminded me of Godzilla, which came out last year. So if you liked that type of movie, Pacific Rim is the movie for you!

Hope you enjoyed this… I give 3/5 cauldrons


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