Weekly Recap (1)

Weekly Recap

June has marked the official start of our summer vacation, bringing with it the promise of more free time to read!  Unfortunately, we all have a bit of summer reading to complete and have to submit assignments online throughout the summer – Song of Solomon is one of our required summer reads, so you’ll see it popping up quite frequently on the blog.  Nevertheless, we’re ready to hit the beach with some suntan lotion and a good book!

Weekly Overview

This week was relatively uneventful – we all decided to take it easy during our first official week of summer.  We’re glad to have survived our junior year of high school, but we’re not exactly ready to think of ourselves as seniors yet!  And of course, with that, we have all of our college applications to worry about.  But enough about school!  We all started our summer activities this week (jobs, volunteering, etc.) and have already started working on our tans (well, only in Megan’s case – Sarah and I are working on our burn lines).  Since summer has finally rolled around, we’re all looking for some cute summer reads, so if you have any recommendations, leave them in a comment below!

What We Read This Week

Olivia’s Reads

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Sarah’s Reads


On Our TBR Lists for Next Week

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (1)

  1. Awk, thanks for linking to my post!! XD YAY FOR SUMMER. I’m kind of shivering through winter right now so I’m very jealous. 😉 Ohhh, summery reads? Have you tried Since You’ve Been Gone? One of the BEST books ever, imo, and set over summer!

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    • I’m sorry about the cold weather (not that I envy you!). I don’t think any of us have read Since You’ve Been Gone, but it looks really interesting – added it to my tbr. Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. So I just read The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. I had not read a Nicholas Sparks book in a long time. The story was a pretty good one. But I HATED the ending. I was so mad!! Hope you enjoy it!


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