Sunday Stumper #14: Books to Movies

Sunday Stumper

We’ve decided to introduce a new weekly meme here at Brewing Up Books…Sunday Stumper! Each Sunday, we’ll be posting a literary based challenge, puzzle, game, etc. that can be downloaded on a computer, tablet, or smartphone (or even printed out). The following week, we will post the correct solution to the puzzle, along with a new one. You can complete the puzzle at your leisure throughout the week, and, if you manage to finish it, you can email it to us ( for a chance to be featured! The first person to correctly complete the puzzle and email it to us will have their blog or Goodreads account featured on our sidebar and will also be mentioned in our Sunday Stumper post the following week.

The puzzles will vary from week to week, potentially consisting of crossword puzzles, matching, fill-in-the-blank (with or without a wordbox), word searches, etc. We have determined weekly topics for our Sunday Stumper, which can be viewed here. If you’re interested in posting a Sunday Stumper on your blog, you’re more than welcome to! Please just remember to link back to Brewing Up Books!

If you have any ideas/suggestions/improvements, please leave them in a comment below. We’d love to hear what you think!

For our fourteenth Sunday Stumper, we’re highlighting book to movie adaptations, which we tend to either fall headfirst in love with or despise bitterly.  We’ve decided to create a crossword puzzle.  Each answer to the crossword puzzle is a title of a book that has been made into a movie (or the title of a movie that was based upon a book, depending upon how you want to think about it). The clues should help you determine which book is which.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


1. a retelling of several weeks spent at sea afloat a raft after a boat capsizes; highlights the frightening lengths humans will go to through their representation of animals
2. centers around five factions
4. centers around racial prejudice in society and in the legal system in America during the mid-twentieth century; one of the main characters is a lawyer
9. emphasizes familial relationships and social status in late eighteenth century England(I’m sorry, I just had to throw this one in!)
11. a crime trilogy (this is the first book in the trilogy) that was written by a Swedish author who died before the film was completed; became a bestseller in both America and Europe
12. the first novel to highlight an evil, blood-sucking vampire
13. contains a metaphor (which is blatantly pointed out by one of the characters)
14. takes place in the Glade
15. the main character has a scar on his/her forehead
16. prehistoric creatures, namely dinosaurs, are inserted into a modern setting and begin to wreak havoc on those around them

1. a fantasy trilogy written by a British author that involves a group of three rings
3. Tom Hanks portrays the adventurous main character who falls in love with a girl by the name of Jenny
5. based on the published journal that was written during World War II
6. set at a detention camp where the attending children are forced to dig holes each day
7. a story about a pig, a spider, and a little girl
8. features the Silent Brothers
10. inspired by real-life events during which a great white shark terrorized a small town and attacked several humans on the New Jersey coast

Last Week’s Winners

We didn’t have any winners from last week, but there’s always a chance that you could be a lucky winner for next week!  Just make sure to email us your answers (

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