Weekly Recap (2)

Weekly Recap

This week has marked the start of 90º weather in our area, so it definitely seems like summer is in full swing!  We spent the week trying to cool off and catch up on some of the books on our TBR piles.  We’ve also been doing a bit of maintenance here on the blog – you may notices some changes to our sidebar and our pages.  We’re also currently working on a new set of header banners, so those should be popping up at the top of our posts sometime in the next week or two – let us know what you think!

Weekly Overview

None of us had a ton of time to read this week, hence our disappointingly short list of books that we managed to complete.  We were all hoping to read a bit more, but oh well.  Sarah was away all week at a school retreat (Kairos), and unfortunately, we’re not permitted to bring books on the retreat (or phones, or MP3 players, or even notebooks/journals).  I (Olivia) spent the week volunteering at a veterinary referral center and a hippotherapy center.  I was actually promoted at the hippotherapy center after only two weeks of volunteering there, so that was exciting!

What We Read This Week

Olivia’s Reads


Megan’s Reads


On Our TBR Lists for Next Week

Olivia’s TBR

imageCrime and Punishment7812659

Sarah’s TBR



Megan’s TBR


Our Posts From This Week

Posts You May Have Missed From Other Bloggers This Week

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