Blogging 101: Content


Content is inarguably one of the most important factors when it comes to running a successful blog – without good content, you won’t attract too many readers!

When you first create your blog, it’s generally a good idea to determine a specific subject matter or focal point that your blog will emphasis.  Try to draw attention to your blog’s subject matter through a creative name/URL, theme, and images that somehow correspond to that particular subject.  Brewing Up Books, for example, is entirely dedicated to reading, particularly of books that fall under the young adult and fiction genres.  Our title and blog graphics both hint at our primarily book-centered posts.  By explicitly conveying your blog’s general focus through these basic outlets, you inform potential readers that 99% of your posts will relate to this particular theme.  This allows for reader ease – someone who hates horror movies would immediately know that he/she would not want to follow a blog that reviews horror films, whereas an individual who loves horse racing may want to follow a blog that is dedicated to the sport.  Therefore, by categorizing your blog, you can attract reader attention and interest even before publishing your first post.

In order to encourage an active group of followers and regular interactions with these individuals, strong post content is a must.  I think most bloggers would agree with me that an emphasis should be placed upon quality versus quantity when determining how frequently to post new material.

Someone who posts daily and is extremely active on social media may not have a large number of followers because he/she does not dedicate a great deal of time to each post.  On the other hand, someone who posts weekly may dedicate more time and thought to each individual post, potentially resulting in a more meaningful transmission of ideas.

That’s not to say you can’t post amazing content on a daily basis – it’s all dependent upon the time you invest in crafting each post and the incorporation of new ideas, rather than rehashing the same discussion topics that you wrote about a few weeks ago.

The length of your posts can also influence the number of readers who regularly visit your blog.  In modern society, most individuals prefer to read short snippets or summaries of information rather than rambling monologues that put your readers to sleep.  Therefore, try to keep your posts short, sweet, and to the point. If you think the last few sentences of your review are extraneous, leave them out.  If you’re worried about rambling or excessive repetition of similar ideas in your posts, have a friend proofread them beforehand.

Another key feature in crafting a high-quality post is originality.  Readers like to see something new and creative, rather than something that’s been adopted from another blogger.  If you have an idea but aren’t sure how well it will go over with followers, post it anyway!  If it isn’t a whopping success, that’s ok – try to figure out what went wrong and if there are any improvements you can make in the future.  The majority of posting successful yet creative content is attained through trial and error, and you’ll likely find yourself in such a situation at one point or another.

Hopefully this was helpful for both those of you who are just starting out and those of you who have been blogging for months or even years!  Do you have any additional advice for fellow bloggers about post content?

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I am a senior in high school and an avid reader/reviewer, horseback rider, and graphic designer.  Since a young age, I have fostered a love of reading, beginning with my forays into the Nancy Drew series.  I’ve branched out significantly in my reading tastes since then, and my favorite genres include young adult, romance, mystery, and thriller.  I’m constantly trying to expand my horizons, however, so I do dabble in other genres.  While I’m not reading, I volunteer at a hippotherapy center and a veterinary clinic, practice agility with my dogs, play piano, and sketch.
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