Sunday Stumper #17: Harry Potter

Sunday Stumper

We’ve decided to introduce a new weekly meme here at Brewing Up Books…Sunday Stumper! Each Sunday, we’ll be posting a literary based challenge, puzzle, game, etc. that can be downloaded on a computer, tablet, or smartphone (or even printed out). The following week, we will post the correct solution to the puzzle, along with a new one. You can complete the puzzle at your leisure throughout the week, and, if you manage to finish it, you can email it to us ( for a chance to be featured! The first person to correctly complete the puzzle and email it to us will have their blog or Goodreads account featured on our sidebar and will also be mentioned in our Sunday Stumper post the following week.

The puzzles will vary from week to week, potentially consisting of crossword puzzles, matching, fill-in-the-blank (with or without a wordbox), word searches, etc. We have determined weekly topics for our Sunday Stumper, which can be viewed here. If you’re interested in posting a Sunday Stumper on your blog, you’re more than welcome to! Please just remember to link back to Brewing Up Books!

If you have any ideas/suggestions/improvements, please leave them in a comment below. We’d love to hear what you think!

For our seventeenth Sunday Stumper, we’re focusing on all things Harry Potter (which happens to be a personal favorite of mine).  We’ve created a crossword puzzle to correspond with this week’s stumper.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!



3. Harry’s cousin which he grows up alongside

5. someone of non-magical blood and ancestry

6. the name of the wizarding prison

8. the male name given to the dragon that Hagrid hatches and attempts to raise, before it is given to Charlie to raise in Romania

12. the popular wizarding sport that Harry partook in when he arrived at Hogwarts

15. the Headmaster at Hogwarts 16. the groundskeeper at Hogwarts and professor of Magical Creatures

18. Harry’s least favorite, long-time teacher at Hogwarts with whom he learned Occlumency

19. nickname for the Weasley home

20. a brand of racing broomstick that Harry receives from Sirius during his third year at Hogwarts

21. creatures that can only be seen by those who have seen death


1. the profession pursued by Hermione’s parents

2. the wandmaker who sells Harry his wand

4. Harry’s primary enemy while at Hogwarts (a fellow student)

7. the creatures that guarded the wizarding prison and seemed to suck the happiness out of those around them

9. the spell for casting light from the tip of one’s wand 10. the name of Ron’s pet rat

11. the Hogwarts house that is known for its intelligence

13. the name of Harry’s owl

14. a stone from the stomach of a goat that is known to cure poisonings; Harry shoves one down Ron’s throat in order to save his life when he drinks poisoned wine

16. a half-bird, half-horse creature that Harry and his classmates are introduced to during their third year at Hogwarts; Draco Malfoy’s encounter with one sends him to the hospital wing

17. the house elf that repeatedly comes to Harry’s aid

19. a French wizarding school that interacts with Hogwarts during the Tri-Wizard Tournament

Last Week’s Solutions (click to enlarge)


Last Week’s Winners

We didn’t have any winners from last week, but there’s always a chance that you could be a lucky winner for next week!  Just make sure to email us your answers (

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