Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things I Want to Quit

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

First of all, I would really like to apologise for my absence these past couple of weeks. I moved to England for uni and had a very busy first week there, and now I’m really ill and I can barely bring myself to do anything… I hope you guys forgive me, I’ll try to get my reading and blogging back on track as soon as I can!! But for now, let’s have a look at some bookish things I want to or have quit. I can’t promise it will be 10, but I’ll try my best!

1. Making sure my books always look like new
I’ve discussed this in a previous post, but yeah, I don’t do that anymore. They’re my books, I love them, and to me, they don’t have to look like they’re brand new. Deal with it.

2. YA Romance Novels
I think I don’t really have any more of these on my TBR, apart from a few disguised as Fantasy or Sci-Fi (*cough* Obsidian *cough*) and after reading some terrible, terrible examples of this genre, I want to stay away from them for a while. Just to clarify, I don’t mean all YA Contemporary or anything, I mean the books that are literally only about the love story.

3. Buying more books
I really have to stop doing that… I have enough books already and I don’t need anymore, especially since my reading is soooo slow at the moment.

4. Impulse buys when I don’t even know anything about the book
That’s what happens when I watch booktube or read blogs. I  will want to have ALL THE BOOKS and once I buy them, I often realise I’m not even that interested in them. I need to actually sit down and read the synopsis first.

5.  Getting stressed out because I’m not reading enough
My life is really, really stressful right now, and I just don’t have the time to read. Still, I make myself feel bad about that and I really shouldn’t. It’s not my fault and I’ll get back to it once I can.

6. Skim reading
Yeah, I’ll admit, I do this quite a lot. Whenever a passage in a book bores me, I just sort of half skip it. Not good. Makes me feel bad. But I can’t help it. Btw, did you know the scenes I skip the most are actually action scenes? Like sorry, but I find fighting in books reaaaally boring. Am I weird?

7. Putting a book in my bag even though I know I’m not going to have time to read
It hurts my shoulders. But I just can’t leave the house without a book. You guys get me, right?


That’s it for now, I’m afraid. I have work to go to. *cries* I also couldn’t really come up with more things, apologies for that. Let me know what bookish things you guys want to or have quit!

I’m a first year Psychology student and I have loved books since my grandpa read them out aloud to me when I was a toddler. I could spend hours upon hours in bookstores, perusing and debating over which books to take home with me. There’s basically nothing better than curling up in bed with a cup of steaming hot tea and a good book on a rainy day, in my opinion, and I’d choose a night reading over a night out at the club any day. I read books from all genres and constantly aspire to broaden my horizons.
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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things I Want to Quit

  1. Oh I hope you feel better! It must be so exciting to live in England. I hope you can enjoy your time there when you recover. I can relate to wanting to quit YA romance novels. I do love YA contemporary and I am pay with romance playing a role in it. But when the premise indicates the plot is solely based on the romance, I just get turned off.


  2. Aw! Sorry to hear you’re sick and I hope you feel better soon! Being sick isn’t fun!

    And I think most readers haul a book with them everywhere. Goodness knows I just did it today. I’m at work. I won’t have time to read and I have an e-book on my phone to read, but I still brought a tangible book anyway. Why? I dunno. In case I find the time. :p It’s always to protect ourselves from the moments when we do have time to read and didn’t bring a book. ^.^ I get ya!

    As for the whole ‘skipping parts’ thing. I can’t say I do that. The guilt and curiosity would eat me alive, but perhaps you skip fight scenes because they’re just not your cup of tea. Everyone looks for something different in a book. Yours isn’t romance and yours isn’t fight scenes. Maybe it’s the intrigue or the character development. ^.^

    Lastly I have to comment on the ‘getting stressed out over not reading enough’. Dude! I never understood this. It was honestly never a thing for me because I read so little or I only had one book to read, but now that I have like… 9 sitting on my nightstand the tension is real! I feel obligated to sit down and read. I’m like trying to block out sections of time to read. It’s insane! I never thought such a thing existed, but now I know I’m not alone. How do people handle it? *twitch* I’m okay…


  3. I didn’t even think to add stop buying books to my list. Hahahahah. You’d think I would realize that was a bad habit with my house full of unread books but nope. Just denial.


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