Beautiful Blogger Award


Hi everyone! We’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by the amazing Kathy @ The Novelty of Life.


Those who receive the award are asked to share seven random facts about ourselves and then nominate seven creative bloggers.

Olivia’s Facts

  1. I don’t understand sports (above and beyond horseback riding and tennis – it’s a long story).  I have never watched a single sports game on television, and I’ve attended one Phillies game.  That’s the extent of my sports exposure.
  2. I love science – it’s been my favorite subject in school since first or second grade.  I’m hoping to attend medical school and to ultimately have a career in neuro surgery.
  3. I have two obnoxiously loud miniature schnauzers named Molly (on the left) and Sparkle (on the right).  IMG_1416(and yes, this is a picture from Christmas)
  4. I love to travel!  I’ve been to Canada, England, France, Italy, and Ireland with my family.  Some day, I would like to visit Iceland because my great-grandfather was stationed there during World War II.
  5. I have a secret love of art (I think Sarah is the only person that I’ve told before now).IMG_3587 IMG_3588
  6. I have an addiction to pens – colored pens, ballpoint pens, gel pens.  It’s becoming a bit obsessive, and I’d be the first person to admit it! (note: never accompany me to an office supply store unless you plan to spend several hours there) Just in case you don’t believe me:IMG_3586
  7. I have a deathly fear of roller coasters and spiders.  I’m probably the least-fun person to bring to an amusement park.  And I will ask you to squish that really large, fast-moving spider that’s no bigger than my pinky (it’s posing a serious threat!).

I Nominate

Profile Picture

I am a senior in high school and an avid reader/reviewer, horseback rider, and graphic designer.  Since a young age, I have fostered a love of reading, beginning with my forays into the Nancy Drew series.  I’ve branched out significantly in my reading tastes since then, and my favorite genres include young adult, romance, mystery, and thriller.  I’m constantly trying to expand my horizons, however, so I do dabble in other genres.  While I’m not reading, I volunteer at a hippotherapy center and a veterinary clinic, practice agility with my dogs, play piano, and sketch.
Connect With Me:
goodreads • pinterest • instagram • tumblr {summerfitnessfandomschristmas}

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