Blogging 101: Scheduling

Blogging Tip#3_ Scheduling

When it comes to blogging, organization is essential, and it just so happens to go hand in hand with scheduling (I can hear the collective groans).  In the long run, however, scheduling can actually relieve stress, ensure that your blog remains active, and serve as an excellent motivator. We’ve compiled a few tips that we’ve accumulated through our personal experiences to help you set up your blogging schedule.


General Tips

  1. Colors – lots and lots of colors!  You can never go wrong with too many colors!  As you’ll see in our pictures below, we color coordinate our schedules to make them easier to read at a glance.  The bright, cheerful colors also encourage us to actually look at our schedules throughout the month, rather than pretending they don’t exist and using that as an excuse as to why we aren’t going to write some blog posts.
  2. Schedule posts in advance – I can’t stress this enough!  If midterms, your annual family vacation, etc. are steadily approaching and will, in essence, prohibit you from writing new blog posts, you can write them in advance and assign them to be posted on a certain date at a specific time.  Short and simple (and a huge time-saver).  Most of our posts here at Brewing Up Books are written at least a week before they are published due to life’s unpredictability.
  3. Variety is key. Most audiences don’t want to read meme after meme after meme.  Therefore, try to incorporate a variety of post types when planning (ie. reviews, discussions, guest posts, interviews, etc.).  This will ensure that your content remains fresh and exciting, enticing more readers to check back for future updates.
  4. Quality over quantity.  I follow quite a few book bloggers, some of whom post once a week and others who post on almost a daily basis.  There are certainly perks to each and there are many popular blogs at both ends of the spectrum, but the quality of posts shouldn’t be sacrificed for quantity.  Someone who posts poorly written content on an hourly basis is most likely to receive very few followers or returning readers, while another individual who posts well-written, thoughtful content 1-2 times per week has the potentially to become very successful very quickly.

Electronic vs. Paper Schedule

Most people have been asking about whether we use an electronic or a physical, paper schedule.  The answer: a bit of both.  Since there are multiple authors and contributors at Brewing Up Books, we utilize a shared Google Calendar to arrange who will be posting on any given day.  This helps us to coordinate with one another and prevents five posts from being published on the same day.  As you can see, all of the events on our electronic schedule are categorized by color according to the post author.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.15.29 PM

We try to update the Google Calendar at least 1-2 weeks in advance.  I personally dedicate fifteen minutes every Sunday to schedule my posts for the next week.  For example, today is the 13th, and I just finished updating the calendar for the week of the 20th.

I’ve also found it helpful over the past several months to create a handwritten calendar that displays only my posts for the upcoming month.  These I color-coordinate by the type of post (and tend to include a key at the top of the page, just in case!).IMG_4230

Sticking To Your Schedule

Our final advice is to follow the schedule that you’ve put so much time into making – you’d hate for all of that hard work to go to waste.  Most readers don’t like seeing three or four posts from the same blog on a single day, so resist the urge to begin posting madly and aggravating your audience.  Therefore, in spacing out your posts, you ensure that you don’t run out of ideas and that you’re not barraging potential readers with excessive content.  This is most easily attained by following through with your schedule – you’ve already laid out all of your posts, now you just have to sit down and write them!


What are some of your scheduling/organization tips regarding blogging?
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5 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Scheduling

  1. This has been useful actually! I’ve always known and thought about pre-writing my blog posts in order to keep a schedule but I’ve never done it. I might try from now on! 😛


  2. Aw! Very helpful. ^.^ I do love this. I keep all of my posts scheduled a month in advance to allow myself buffer room in case something comes up. Additionally, I generally have themes for the day of the week: book review sunday, novel prequel monday, top ten tuesday, flash fiction friday. (Four days a week can be tough, but writing and scheduling them in advance definitely makes it easier. ^.^) I’m just glad I kept it at four. I was debating adding more themes like ‘quote saturdays’, or ‘battle wednesdays’. Four is enough for now. :p


    • Wow, I wish I could be that on top of it that I can schedule all of my posts a month beforehand – I’m very envious! And the themed posts for each day of the week is a great idea that I hadn’t previously considered! We may have to start that up!

      Liked by 1 person

      • ^.^ It makes it much easier for scheduling if you have certain posts for certain days. Though, it can be difficult sometimes if you don’t have the inspiration for a certain type of post.

        P.s. Did you two receive my e-mail about being guest bloggers on my blog in January?


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