First Blogiversary

We’re very excited to announce that it is Brewing Up Books’ first blogiversary!  It’s incredible to believe that we’ve been blogging for an entire year, and we’ve met so many amazing people along the way, as well as learned a thing or two about running a blog.

In December, we ranted and raved about The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and shared what was on our Holiday Wish Lists.  We also participated in our first buddy read, Obsidian.

January marked our most active month of the year with a total of 29 posts, which reflected our New Years’ resolutions of posting and reading more frequently.  We spoke on the very controversial topic of folding down page corners versus using a bookmark and sang along to the soundtrack of Into the Woods.

Both our original Sunday Stumper meme and Harry Potter Read-A-Thon began in February, resulting in an exciting, action-packed month.  While the Harry Potter Read-A-Thon has since come to a close, Sunday Stumpers are still posted on a weekly basis.  We also fell in love with Downton Abbey during the month of February.

We created our Instagram account in March and reviewed our first ARC, Losing It All.  We also received our first award nomination, The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, followed shortly thereafter by the Liebster Award.  Due to popular demand, we shared the techniques that we had utilized while organizing our bookshelves.

In April, we shared our love of the Infernal Devices trilogy through our Clockwork Angel review.  April was on of our least active months because we were overwhelmed with preparing for AP exams.

May served as the start for Read-A-Spark, a Nicholas Sparks themed read-a-thon during which we read all of his book to movie adaptations.  We also shared a few of our peculiar reading habits and bookish OCD.

June marked the bittersweet conclusion of the Harry Potter Read-A-Thon.   With the start of summer vacation upon us, we identified our most anticipated reads of the summer and shared a thought map as to how we identify our next reads.  We also kicked off our “Blogging Tips” series with our recommendations regarding social media.

We had a depressingly small number of posts throughout the month of July due to a combination of work, volunteering, and enrollment in a college course.  We did, however, have an opportunity to share our concerns about our rapidly increasing TBR pile.

In August, we shared our thoughts on audiobooks as well as featured our first guest post, a review of Atlantia.  We also participated in the fourteenth Bout of Books.

September was extremely exciting because we welcomed Alex as our newest full-time coblogger.  With the school year starting up, we provided some suggestions regarding annotating books, either for an English course or for future personal reference.  We highlighted our experiences reading Young Adult literature as adults and the perks of ebooks versus physical books.

We kicked off October with some festive, Halloween spirit via our All Hallows Read.  We also analyzed the relationships and some of the stereotypes associated with love triangles, particularly those in Young Adult novels, as well as admitting to not reading some books that have received significant publicity in the blogosphere.

November marked the sharing of some of our unpopular bookish opinions and the first post in our Rave-Worthy Recommendations series.  Alex conveyed her love of science fiction through her glowing review of The Martian in preparation of its release as a motion picture.  We also shared some advice as to how to incorporate reading into a demanding schedule at college/university.  And lastly, we admitted to our love of big books.

Brewing Up Books has certainly come tremendously far since last year.  While our blog design has remained the same, our posts have matured and our graphics and content have changed slightly since our initial “Introduction” post.  We’ve also experienced some coblogger changes and expanded onto a variety of social media platforms.

Lastly, we wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you, whether this is the first post you’ve stumbled across on Brewing Up Books or you’ve been reading the entire time.  This journey wouldn’t have been possible without you.

In order to express our gratitude, we wanted to invite you to enter your blog’s information into the Google Form below.  This will enter your blog into our Database, which we’ll be sharing with all of you within the next week, giving you an opportunity to promote your blog.  If you filled out this form in our “Blogger Database” post from June, you don’t need to do so again, your information has already been recorded.

Once again, we wanted to thank all of the readers, reviewers, and bloggers who have supported us over the course of the past year and provided encouragement in varying forms.  In the upcoming years, we’re hoping to continue to grow as bloggers, as well as to expand and improve our blog.  And whatever life may throw at us, we plan to address it head-on and continue to read and post regularly.

19 thoughts on “First Blogiversary

  1. Whooo! Happy Blogiversary! I love this blog so much! You always post about such interesting topics and tips 🙂


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