2015 Bookshelf Tour

In the year that we’ve been blogging, we have yet to share what we have on our bookshelf, so we figured it was about time to do so!

For the past several years, I’ve been constantly rearranging my bookshelves and never really reached an arrangement with which I was 100% happy.  I’ve tried organizing books by genre (but that got a bit hairy when books could be classified in multiple genres), as well as by color (this just got frustrating each time I acquired a new book).  So, in all honesty, I really have no organization at the time being for my books.  I simply tried to place them so that they were visually appealing, placed similar books next to each other, etc.


This isn’t exactly my bookshelf, but it’s my dresser, which houses the books that I am currently reading.  At the moment, I’m working on (from top to bottom):


This bookshelf primarily consists of contemporary/romance novels (on the top row) and school books (on the bottom row).

Top Shelf

Bottom Shelf


This bookshelf consists primarily of action/adventure books as well as dystopian novels.  Sitting on top of the bookshelf is my Harry Potter Boxset (which contains all seven books).

Top Shelf

Bottom Shelf


My final bookshelf is a random assortment of books that I simply didn’t have room for on my other shelves.  Most of the books featured here are part of a series/boxset.

Top Shelves

Bottom Shelves

What are some of your most treasured books?  How do you organize your bookshelves?


8 thoughts on “2015 Bookshelf Tour

  1. Wow. This most definitely puts my boxes of books to shame. (And I say boxes because I’ve been moving too much lately and don’t have them on a bookshelf *sigh*) But this is amazing! I’m very jealous!


  2. GORGEOUS shelves! I love the wide variety of books you have in your collection ♥ especially how you have them organized by genre like that! I wish I had as many bookshelves – my single one is overflowing and the rest are in piles scattered all over the house LOL!

    Oh, I’m a new follower via Bloglovin’ G+ and Twitter – I followed yesterday but only got around to commenting today *waves hi*


    • Thank you!!! I had to figure out how to “nicely” arrange my books on my shelves specifically to take these pictures – most of them were double stacked on the shelf or sitting atop it.

      And thank you for the follows – we’ll be sure to return the favor!


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