Sunday Stumper #43: Books to TV Shows

Sunday Stumper

Our 43rd Sunday Stumper highlights those well-loved works of literature that have been converted into television shows.  Regardless of whether the TV show resulted in a huge success or an overrated disappointment, they’ll be making an appearance in our stumper!  Are you up to date on your TV shows?


We’ve decided to introduce a new weekly meme here at Brewing Up Books…Sunday Stumper! Each Sunday, we’ll be posting a literary based challenge, puzzle, game, etc. that can be downloaded on a computer, tablet, or smartphone (or even printed out). The following week, we will post the correct solutions to the puzzle, along with a new one. You can complete the puzzle at your leisure throughout the week, and, if you manage to finish it, you can email it to us ( for a chance to be featured! The first person to correctly complete a puzzle and email it to us will have their blog or Goodreads account featured on our sidebar and will also be mentioned in our Sunday Stumper post the following week.

The puzzles will vary from week to week, potentially consisting of crossword puzzles, matching, fill-in-the-blank (with or without a wordbox), word searches, etc. We have determined weekly topics in advance for our Sunday Stumper, which can be viewed here. If you’re interested in posting a Sunday Stumper on your blog, you’re more than welcome to! Please just remember to link back to Brewing Up Books!

If you have any ideas/suggestions/improvements, please leave them in a comment below. We’d love to hear what you think!


This week’s stumper will be a series of fill-in-the-blanks…a Mad Libs, of sorts, except with one correct answer in mind.  You can submit your answers by typing simply what you would like to place in each blank next to the corresponding letter in parenthesis.
 photo your-one-stop-mortal-instruments-shop-everything-about-the-shadowhunters-tv-series-so-far-413550_zpsk0xiftq2.jpg
The (1) name of show   TV show is based on the six book series by (2) author’s name   entitled (3) series name  .  The protagonist, (4) name  , engages in a love triangle with (5) love interest name   and (6) love interest name  .

 photo Pretty-Little-Liars-TV-Series_zpsyqjdip8b.jpg
(7) name of TV series   features some of the characters from a 16 book series by (8) author’s name  .  The central plot point is discovering whom has been bribing and threatening various characters, referring to himself or herself as (9) nickname used  .  The resolution of the TV show (10) differs OR matches   that of the book series.

 photo Colin_Firth_and_the_BBC_class_of__95_voted_best_Pride_and_Prejudice_cast_zpsqla5p2vd.jpg
(11) name of TV series   is modeled on the novel of the same name by (12) author’s name  .  It consisted of (13) a number   episodes total.  The main romance involves (14) female character   and (15) male character  .

 photo Season2CastEW_zpsk0ou1q0x.png

(16) name of series   is based on the lengthy, (17) number of books   series by (18) author’s name  .  The series revolves around the House of (19) family name  , and the famous catchphrase that is repeated throughout the books and television show is (20) phrase  .

Last Week’s Winners

Unfortunately there weren’t any winners from last week, but there’s always a chance that you could be a lucky winner for next week!  Just make sure to email us your answers (

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