Discussion: The “Perfect” Reading Weather


There are days when we open our blinds, groan, and collapse back into a pile of blankets and pillows and wish we had never woken up (these usually follow the finishing of an amazing night where you stayed up till 3 a.m. reading a fantabulous book). But, there are also absolutely enchanting days that spellbind you into wanting nothing more than to curl into your favorite chair and get lost between the pages of a novel.

So what are some of the stereotypical “perfect” reading days? I know a lot of people say it’s a rainy day, where the skies are a dreary gray and a steady rain is pouring outside. Others like lazy summer days where they can stretch outside and feel the sun on their backs as they slip into the words of their latest read. Some prefer windy autumn days full of big sweaters and a cup of something hot.

Myself, I’m a storm girl. Something that has always heavily influenced my reading in the moment is noise. I find the sound of storms to be of a particular comfort, and nothing makes me feel more relaxed then the sound of the rain and thunder drowning out all other types of noise.

It’s slightly ironic too, that we can look out at a beautiful day, and can be more than content to retreat back to our dark little holes and read. Shouldn’t the weather encourage us to go outside?

What about you guys? What weather makes all of you happily curl into a ball with your newest novel? Do you think it’s funny that even wonderful weather makes us want to cuddle up with a book?



I’m in love with reading, and have been since I was able to hold a book. But when I’m not reading, I’m working hard towards my other passion: Music. I play in all ensembles my school offers, and some outside of that. I’m a junior in high school, and I aspire to be a performing musician one day.

I usually stay with YA, but I’ve been known to venture into some odd areas as well. I also sometimes read younger than my level because of my middle school sibling.


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