Discussion: What Not To Do While Reading


Over the years I have learned a few things that you shouldn’t do while reading. While some of the things  on this list may not apply to you or you probably don’t do them, I think some of these may help you in the future while you read.

  1. Don’t listen to music while reading. You probably will be distracted, for example you may start jamming out to your favorite song and realize that you’ve read 2 pages and you don’t know what the heck is going on in the book.
  2. Don’t eat while reading. You may or may not end up dropping mac & cheese on one of the books pages by accident (sorry library!).
  3. Don’t try to cook while reading. The pancake batter may spill onto the book or your pancakes may end up burnt and then you don’t have any breakfast.
  4. Don’t watch AHS (American Horror Story) while reading, something creepy/interesting will happen and then you’ll end up watching the whole episode before you know it.
  5. In fact, don’t get on Netflix at all while reading. You may end up finishing an entire season.
  6. Don’t read while in the shower. This is too risky the book may drop in the shower or you could get water on the book.
  7. Don’t read while the you’re in class. You could miss the topic or get in trouble and nobody wants that.
  8. Don’t read with other people around. Your family may be watching a basketball game while your reading and they’ll be too loud then you’ll be distracted.
  9. Don’t have your phone out while reading. You’ll get on twitter and 30 minutes later you’ll be replying and liking everything.
  10. Don’t read while on the school bus. The kids on there will be too loud and you won’t get any reading done.

There are most definitely more things you could add to this list, but these are the things I think are the most important.

Let me know what other things you would add to this list in the comments.


I love reading books of all genres, especially young adult. I am currently a freshman in high school, which takes up the majority of my time. I love watching Supernatural and listening to music by FOB, P!ATD, Halsey, Florence + The Machine, etc. I would love to be go into the medical field when I graduate high school.
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