My own apology

Well, don’t I feel dumb.

I know Olivia went ahead and apologized for the both of us, but I felt the need to step up and accompany her with my own little white flag of surrender as well here. I clearly have not been pulling my weight in this blog, and I promise to try better.

As the majority of you might know, I am a musician. My music is my top priority at all times (much to the chagrin of my personal friends and family), and sometimes I get a little too super-focused on it. I recently learned I will be attending an extraordinary camp for the summer that is music based, and had to practice. A lot. I still do, but I will remember you lovely people this time as well.

I’ll promise to be here more often, and thanks to all of our people out their who don’t hate us even when we pull an abracadabra on you guys. You’re awesome!

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