Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Reasons I Love Playlists Aimed at Books

  1.  They always remind you of a certain scene that makes you squeal and make other happy noises
  2. Sometimes the authors (bless these people) make their own playlists for books, which just lets us know what mood they were trying to establish in their stories
  3. Reading while listening to music just makes it almost even more picturesque in a movie sense
  4. Helps block out really annoying people, and if the book wasn’t enough of a warning to others, the headphones really tell everyone that you do NOT want to be bugged
  5. Gives stories a lot more depth. If you can hear how you feel and know the character is feeling the same way, it connects you even more to them
  6. The music makes it a lot more difficult to hear the sound of my sobbing while reading depressing books, which is always a plus
  7. It really widens your musical horizons, and for a music lover like me it’s always enjoyable to find new music!

Those are all the ones I could come up with. Do you guys like making your own playlists for books, or just characters you ship? What are some songs that fit some books perfectly?  Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I’ve never listened to a book playlist made by the author before… I’ll definitely have to keep my eye out for one! Where do you usually find them?


    • a lot of authors post them on their websites, or in guest posts with different bloggers. I know Katie McGarry actually puts a list in the back of some of her books. I promise if you start looking you’ll find them!


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