Movie Review: Me Before You

Movie Review

Read the book review here.

Hi everybody! As many of you who read my book review know, I absolutely adored this book, so I was extremely happy to go and see the movie as well.

My first point of happiness began right at the beginning when I noticed the screenplay  was written by Jojo Moyes. Why was this so wonderful? Because if the screenplay was written by the author, they can’t completely screw things up.

On to Lou: Emilia Clarke played her very well. I feel like Lou was a bit more snarky in the book, but I do think the movie representation of her was quite accurate. The clothing cracked me up too, because it was precisely as I pictured Lou’s more eclectic fashion taste.

Will Traynor was played by the wonderful Sam Claflin, who also played my favorite character in The Hunger Games (Finnick, anybody?), an I was pretty ecstatic to see him in this role. He did a pretty amazing job as well, though I don’t think he displayed Will’s impatience as much as he could have. He definitely displayed Will’s general disdain with Lou at the beginning though.

As for the two of them together, I guess it’s mainly because I read the book first, but I didn’t get the feeling of the trust that ends up developing in the book. I think that would be my main complaint against the movie, but I figure I’m being a bit critical because the book was pretty amazing.

My one other really big complaint would be the lack of interaction between Lou and the majority of her family. In the book a big focus is on Lou’s relationships with her family members, and I noticed it seemed a bit more lacking throughout the movie.

Overall I think that movie did a good job of displaying the book, but I must definitely say that if you have the chance to read the book first please read it.

Did anyone else get the chance to see it? What did you think? Let me know down in the comments, but be careful not to leave any spoilers!

Cauldron (Use for Stars)Cauldron (Use for Stars)Cauldron (Use for Stars)Cauldron (Use for Stars)

4/5 Cauldrons




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I usually stay with YA, but I’ve been known to venture into some odd areas as well. I also sometimes read younger than my level because of my middle school sibling.


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