Book Crafts: Bookmarks!

So a few weeks ago, I posted a random Top Ten Tuesday about objects we use as bookmarks. If you missed the post, check it out here. A lot of you agreed with me that in times of dire distress, we often use whatever is lying around in lieu of an actual bookmark. However, I happen to be a rather crafty person when the need arises, and after visiting a book convention in Charleston last November and gaining many book related bookmarks (I wasn’t even very aware they made things like that!), I decided to search for some way to make bookmarks.

So here are some of my favorite bookmark methods/templates!

My quickest go-to:

The corner of an envelope. I know, sounds weird, right? Well, if you turn an envelope upside-down, so that the flap is on the bottom, and cut of the two corners on the other end, you suddenly have to bookmarks that you can color different things or draw on that slide right onto the corners of your pages. This is one of my favorites not only because of it’s simplicity, but also because it is very subtle and actually takes care of your delicate page corners!




This template is absolutely wonderful! I actually ended up hole-punching the top and tying a tassel to the end of them. If you’re a vintage junkie like me, you will adore these ones





15896010135_4268325a71_b Link

So these ones are technically gift tags, but they are so adorable! You could definitely use them as bookmarks as well.









thefaultinourstarsbookmarks_set1 Link

Yes, those are TFIOS bookmarks. Just Save the image, print them, and cut! They are very well designed, and I enjoy how they are fairly unique.





These ones are very simplistic but they help proclaim your undying love for all things bookish. I really like the colors in this set!




Well, that is all for this set guys. If you like them and want more templates, or you find any interesting ones, let me know!





I’m in love with reading, and have been since I was able to hold a book. But when I’m not reading, I’m working hard towards my other passion: Music. I play in all ensembles my school offers, and some outside of that. I’m a junior in high school, and I aspire to be a performing musician one day.

I usually stay with YA, but I’ve been known to venture into some odd areas as well. I also sometimes read younger than my level because of my middle school sibling.


4 thoughts on “Book Crafts: Bookmarks!

  1. Cute! I’m really not that original when it comes to bookmarks. When I just started reading, I’d use everything I could find. Now I’ve got a tonne of bookmarks from The Book Depository and just use those. I even have a box for all the bookmarks! I also got a calendar set of bookmarks from a friend of mine, they show all kinds of Scottish places. ^_^


    • I need to restock on bookmarks haha! I’m constantly in a state of losing them, getting frustrated, and resorting to whatever loose junk is hanging around. It’s a bit of a process


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