Reading 101: TBRing Like a Boss

I have a book buying addiction, and I cannot lie.  Particularly when it comes to acquiring books at a significantly faster rate than I can read them.  Death by ominously towering TBR pile appears exceedingly imminent at the moment and certainly would not come as a shock.  I use TBRing as a verb – that’s often the first indicator of a problem adorably cute bookish habit that all readers should partake in.

My solution: buy more books – trust me, it’s therapeutic.

Plus, death by books sounds like a rather pleasant and relatively non-gruesome way to go. Especially when compared to the alternatives: heart attack induced by an incredibly cute puppy, extinction of the human race as a result of an alien invasion, getting torn in half by an alligator, the zombie apocalypse, or being eaten alive by carnivorous spiders (which, in all honesty, is the most probable). *shudders*

Yep. I still choose death by TBR pile, despite the incredibly enticing aforementioned scenarios.

So how, you might ask, did my TBR pile grow so monstrously large and out of control?  Here are a few tips that I’ve found particularly efficient at doubling (and sometimes tripling) the size of my already-unnecessarily-large TBR:

Watch all the booktube.

Particularly book hauls.  And top 10 videos.  And recaps.  And bookshelf tours.  Perhaps that should be revised to read: click on anything which you presume will contain a bookworm…

  1. Ranting about his/her favorite books of all time.  Or just ranting about books in general.
  2. Mentioning an astonishingly large amount of books in a surprisingly short period of time.
  3. Showing off books with pretty covers, because who doesn’t love those?  And you get to judge these books by their covers – double win.

You can’t go wrong here – just sit down and start watching, even if you’re still sitting there five hours later.  No one is judging, we’ve all been there.  Plus, you’re accomplishing something productive – adding hundreds of novels to your TBR in short periods of time.  I’d say that’s five hours well spent.

Spend a few hours blog hopping.

Not only will you find amazing new blogs, brilliant bloggers new BFFs, and intriguing posts, you’ll also stumble across highly recommended (as well as strongly advised against) standalones and series.  After all, you can never have too many friends.  Or too many books, regardless of whether you actually get around to reading them all.

Scour the internet for online deals and coupons.

Need a price reduction to convince yourself to purchase said book?  There are countless websites and newsletters that will send personalized deals straight to your inbox (which might just sway you to impulsively click “Buy”).

Here are a few of my favorites:

Goodreads recently introduced a feature entitled “Deals” that is accessible from account settings.  If you opt into the program, you’ll automatically receive a email when a book on your to-read shelf becomes available at a discounted price.  This is applicable to ebooks only, and you can select which eReader formats for which you will receive emails (i.e. Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc.).

Make frequent trips to your local bookstore.

The more often you go, the more books you’ll buy, the exponentially larger your TBR will grow.  If merely the thought of a visit to the bookstore makes your inner bookworm squeal with excitement (+/- a mental happy dance), something tells me that you’re suffering from bookstore deprivation.  The only remedy?  An immediate visit to your local bookseller.  Trust me, you’ll feel much better afterward, as well as complete your workout for the day while carrying 87 pounds of books to your car.

Need a little added incentive when heading to the bookstore?  Bring along some coupons and giftcards.  These will come in handy when you’re trying to rationalize if you really need 10 more books (the answer is always yes).  As an added bonus, you’re saving money, which enables you to purchase even more books!

Please note: I am not accountable for poor book-stacking skills that result in death by TBR pile, promotion of impulsive bookish purchases (it was merely a suggestion), or strange looks and comments that your inevitable book-hoarding will garner from others, particularly non-readers who are unable to wrap their heads around the necessity of owning all the books.  TBR at your own risk!

In the meantime, TBR support group, anyone?

I’m a freshman in college and an avid reader/reviewer, horseback rider, and graphic designer.  Since a young age, I have fostered a love of reading, beginning with my forays into the Nancy Drew series.  I’ve branched out significantly in my reading tastes since then, and my favorite genres include young adult, fantasy, mystery, and thriller.  I’m constantly trying to expand my horizons, however, so I do dabble in other genres and am always in search of recommendations (because my TBR can never be big enough!).
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8 thoughts on “Reading 101: TBRing Like a Boss

  1. Blog hopping and watching booktube ALWAYS end up adding books to my TBR, as does scrolling through bookstagram. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to dwindle it down a bit! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a fun post! I found myself giggling knowingly while nervously glancing that my own ominously stacked bookshelves. I have clearly reached the point of no return, nothing left to do but for this hopeless bookworm but to add to the pile. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Must…. get… more… books….
    Looking at books online almost always guarantees a purchase. Why are there so many amazing books? Why do they all scream “YOU NEED ME ON YOUR SHELF?” #TheStruggle
    Fabulous post, Olivia!


  4. This post was hilarious, I loved it! I have definitely spent way too much time lost in the realm of booktube and blog hopping. My TBR is out of control, but of course that won’t stop me from buying more books…


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