The Towering TBR Tag

The Towering TBR Tag
Bookstore sales and coupons will officially be the death of me, as my TBR pile clearly isn’t towering dangerously and threatening to smother me as it is.  Which clearly is NOT cause for alarm, as I continue to indulge in such book hoarding endeavors and have yet to experience death by books.  I’m also fairly talented at acquiring new books at a significantly higher rate than I can feasibly read them while remaining a tolerable human being.

As a result of my astronomically growing, ominously looming TBR pile, I’ve decided to compile an original tag dedicated to those towering TBR piles every reader casually sweeps under the rug with each trip to the bookstore.


1. How many books are currently in your TBR pile?

I’m unashamed to admit that I have three TBR shelves on Goodreads:

  • Books that I plan to purchase but do not yet own – 263 books
  • My TBR pile of physical books – 100 books
  • My TBR pile of ebooks – 66 books

In total, that’s 429 books.  And no, I do not have a problem.

2. What is the longest book in your TBR pile?  Shortest?

The longest book on my TBR is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, which rings in at an intimidating 1276 pages.  Needless to say, I’ve been putting this one off for quite awhile…

The shortest book on my TBR, excluding novellas, is Shakespeare’s Othello.

3. Are there any books on your TBR pile that you have no intentions of reading?

I have zero self-restraint while perusing the shelves of bargain bookstores, because everything is beautifully discounted and how could I resist???  I generally leave with several boxes of books – yes, boxes, not bags.  Bags are for the weak.

One of my most recent bargain bookstore hauls consisted of a handful of contemporary novels, which tends to be my least favorite and lowest-rated genre.  Don’t ask me why I deemed these purchases to be coherent and/or remotely logical.  I walked away from that shopping trip with a 721 page monstrosity of a contemporary novel entitled Beach Blondes.  The title just about says it all.  While I would like to think I’ll get around to reading this one eventually, considering I spent a whopping $1.25 to purchase it, I’m reluctant to say that I’ll be picking this one up in the near future.

4. Where do you store your TBR pile, and how do you organize it?

I don’t isolate my TBR pile in a certain area, or even cluster these books together on my shelves.  I merely intersperse my TBR pile throughout my collection of books, grouping all of my read and unread books together by series, author, and visual aesthetics.

5. What book in your TRB pile never fails to evoke strong feelings of guilt when you spot it on your shelves?

Out of sheer stupidity, I jumped on the Sarah J. Maas bandwagon tremendously late.  As in two weeks ago.  I’m currently working my way through A Court of Wings and Ruin, and I’m mentally kicking myself for delaying reading her books, despite the multitude of rave reviews that have been floating around the blogosphere for the past several years.

Despite my ongoing A Court of Thorns and Roses series marathon, I’m feeling a little guilty that I haven’t gotten around to the Throne of Glass series.  I have the first four books sitting on my shelves, mind you, they’ve just been sitting there since the day I purchased them…

6. What book on your TBR pile was an impulsive purchase that you may or may not regret?

Amazon is well-accustomed to my habit of purchasing anything and everything when it comes to discounted ebooks, and they enjoy sending me emails with special promotions to that effect.  The emails get me every time!  Yet another example of why I should not be trusted with internet access and a credit card…

On an impulsive whim, I purchased Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire, the first two books in the Code Name Verity series, for a whopping $0.99 back in April.  I finished Code Name Verity a few days ago and was underwhelmed to say the least.  The only problem – I now own the second book in the series and have mixed emotions about picking it up.  While I would like to spare myself the physical, mental, and emotional anguish of pursuing the remaining books in the series, I also feel terribly guilty about spending money on an ebook which I have no intentions of reading.

7. Your house is on fire, and you have the opportunity to save three books in your TBR pile.  Which books do you select and why?

  • My #1 choice would be A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, because IT’S GAME OF THRONES!  I absolutely fell in love with the TV series and think it would be a crime if I never picked up the books, so it’s fairly high on my list of priorities.
  • As a tremendous Cassandra Clare fan, I’m rather embarrassed to admit that I have yet to tackle her Dark Artifices series, hence why I would save Lady Midnight without a second thought.
  • And lastly, I would snag After You by Jojo Moyes, because Me Before You clearly wasn’t heart-wrenching enough, and I’m desperate to know how the characters progress and develop in the sequel.

8. You’re stuck in a blizzard and hypothermia is beginning to set in.  Which book(s) from your TBR pile do you sacrifice for firewood?

It was difficult to isolate a single answer to this question, because I have a love-hate relationship with a few of the books in my TBR pile.  I’m leaning toward The Nine Lives of Chloe King due to its sheer size (yes, I am mildly intimidated).  I’ve also heard very few positive or negative thoughts about this compilation, so I haven’t been particularly swayed to delve into it recently.

9. What book(s) from your TBR pile do you plan to tackle next?

This summer, I’m hoping to make a sizable dent in the Game of Thrones series, as well as the Throne of Glass series.

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4 thoughts on “The Towering TBR Tag

  1. Thanks for the tag! Hopefully you can read more of A Game of Thrones! I loved book one, but so far that’s as far as I’ve gotten, hehehe. I haven’t even started to read a Maas book, even though I own the first two in the throne of glass series. I think that makes me even later than late 😛


    • I’ll hopefully be starting Game of Thrones within the next week or two – I’m trying to amp myself up for the season 6 premiere! I’m excited to read the Throne of Glass series, but also nervous that it won’t live up to the hype.

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