10 Series I’m Marathoning in 2017


I have an unhealthy book-buying obsession, particularly when it comes to purchasing entire series in a single sitting without having read a single installment in said series.  While this method proves rather unfortunate when I’m assigning a one star review to the first book in the series, my inner perfectionist is overjoyed to see the entire series (with matching covers, of course) perched on my bookshelf.

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Summer 2016 Book Haul


Without the added stress and time consumption of school, summer equates to one thing: ample time to read, whether it be by the pool, at the beach, or in the comfort (and air conditioning) of home.  June,  July, and August also happen to be the months during which I spend the greatest amount of money on… you guessed it – books.  Despite my book hoarding tendencies which will likely bury me alive, I’ve gone on several shopping sprees over the past several weeks and have gradually been adding to my growing collection.

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Reading 101: How to Survive a Trip to the Bookstore


 photo Bookstore_zpsbp6jjyit.jpg

I am entirely unembarrassed to admit that I have a book buying obsession, and it’s gotten a bit out of hand recently.  Book buying bans are essentially out of the question, so how do I go about restricting the number of books I’m purchasing during my countless trips to the bookstore?  Stretching every last dollar so that I’m getting the greatest possible number of books for the smallest sum of money?  Prioritizing which books I want to purchase immediately versus which can wait a few months?  I’ve amassed a few tips and tricks that have worked well for me in the past with the hopes of helping a few fellow bookworms.

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Discussion: Where I Get My Books



I’ve never been a huge fan of audiobooks (I expressed my full-fledged dislike of them here), so the majority of the books that I acquire are either physical copies or ebooks.  Considering I’m a poor high school (almost college) student and dedicate nearly all of my money to purchasing books, I try to be as resourceful as possible.  Then again, I still shouldn’t be trusted in a bookstore with a credit card.

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Rave-Worthy Recommendations (5)


All of the bookstores near my house have been offering great deals and discounts recently, ranging from buy 3 books get the 4th free to 15% off a single item.  That’s as much of an excuse as I need to stop by for a few books!  If you’re finding yourself in a bit of a post-Christmas lull or are also planning on taking advantage of similar bookstore promotions, hopefully this list can provide you with a few suggestions!

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Rave-Worthy Recommendations (4)


 photo Rave-Worthy Recommendations_zpsjgsjlauy.png

The holiday season tends to bring with it a hoard of giftcards.  Personally, I find it challenging to save up these giftcards and often spend them throughout the month of January.  If you seem to have made a similar habit of disposing of your giftcards quickly, hopefully this guide can provide you with a few recommendations for those bookstore giftcards you’ve amassed over the past several weeks.

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Rave-Worthy Recommendations (3)



With the holiday season in full swing, many retailers are offering huge discounts and coupons, which I plan to take full advantage of!  While I’m book shopping for some of my friends’ Christmas presents, I may or may not pick up a few for myself in the process.  Hopefully I’m not alone, and this guide can provide you with a few recommendations for when you decide to treat yourself in the coming weeks.

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Rave-Worthy Recommendations (2)


With Christmas right around the corner, my friends and family have been peppering me with questions regarding which books they should purchase for me.  Therefore, I’ve begun searching Goodreads and the internet in general for works that are similar to some of my current favorites for ideas.  If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation, hopefully these recommendations will come in handy!

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Discussion: I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie


I have a confession to make – I absolutely adore enormous books.  In fact, they’ve managed to effectively take over my TBR pile.  I also blame them for rendering me four books behind schedule for my 2015 Goodreads Reading Challenge.  I’ll put it this way, it’s a love/hate relationship.

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