Updates + Quarantine Reading List


I’m currently wrapping up my senior year of college under…slightly different circumstances than I was originally anticipating. COVID-19 threw a bit of a monkey-wrench in my spring semester plans, resulting in 50% of the semester being held online and the indefinite postponement of graduation. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the semester wrapping up within the next two weeks and receiving my degree at the end of May.

In other news, I’ve recently committed to attend medical school in the fall! I’m ecstatic to continue my education in a field that I’m so passionate about, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store! I’m also excited to move to an entirely new state and city, explore a new location, and meet my future classmates. I’m hoping to document my medical school journey by posting regular updates (both bookish and non-bookish) on my blog, as well as filming the occasional vlog for my booktube channel.

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Discussion: How has college impacted my reading?


Back to school is one of my favorite times of the year: new stationary + the onset of fall + pumpkin spice flavored everything, what could be better?  My college move-in date is right around the corner.  Tomorrow, to be exact.  And I’m doing anything and everything within my power to procrastinate packing like the responsible human being that I am.  In an attempt to further delay packing, what better time to share my experiences with reading and blogging throughout my freshman year of college?

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2016 Recap & 2017 Resolutions


I met my Reading Challenge of 50 books throughout 2016 by reading…exactly 50 books!  There were a few ups and downs along the way, including some new favorites and a handful of disappointments.  I started college a few months ago which has been significantly cutting into my reading time, but I’m hoping that this will improve over the next several months!

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eReader Comparison


eReaders have become widely popular over the past decade and are now a staple for most bookworms.  If you’re currently in the market for an eReader, it’s often challenging to gauge which device will be best suited to your needs and preferences – should you get a Kindle?  Something with E-ink technology?  A touchscreen?  A tablet with additional capabilities?   Wifi and 3G?

I’ve gone through quite a few eReaders myself throughout the years (I seem to be particularly brutal on them…or I’ve just had exquisitely bad luck), and I’ve consequently had the opportunity to experiment with a variety of features and designs.   While I am in no way a technological expert, I figured it couldn’t hurt to share my experiences, likes, dislikes, etc., imparting information I wish I had known prior to purchasing these devices.

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Discussion: Annual Reading Goals – the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly



Whether you’re a member of Goodreads, or other book-related websites and organizations, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been asked or have come across various features that allow you to set reading goals each year.  These goals can vary significantly,  ranging from the highly specific “I want to read __ books in 2016” to something as general as “I want to read more historical fiction.”

But these goals, do they do more harm than good?  Instead of prompting us to read with increasing frequency, do they actually discourage us from the pastime?

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I have returned!


Hi everyone!

So, I know I have been gone awhile (again) and I sincerely apologize. I was attending a 3 week long music camp near me and was so busy working on that I had very little time to read, let alone post. I am back though, and my summer is free, so you will be getting more updates and reviews 🙂

I have a few cool blog posts planned, and I wanted to know what everyone here would think about DIY book related posts? Everything from make your own bookmarks and templates to fun little crafts inspired by your favorite books. Confession: I love crafts. I really do.

Anyways, keep checking for reviews, posts, and more!

I am happy to be back!

Discussion: Parents in YA Novels



Regardless of my undying love for Young Adult literature, I’m still able to recognize the genre’s stereotypical flaws and pitfalls – most notably, the parents.  The parents and their relationships with their children are often portrayed in an extremely unrealistic manner.  I can guarantee that at age twelve I wasn’t praising my parents left and right or providing them with financial or relationship advice, so why does that seem to be the standard in young adult novels?

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