Review: The Unseen (#3-4)


Book Review13047090Title: The Unseen (#3-4)

Author: Richie Tankersley Cusick

Series: The Unseen Series

Publisher: The Penguin Group

Publish Date: 2003

Genres: Young Adult, Thriller

Too many deaths, too many terrifying visions and sleepless nights have taken their toll on Lucy Dennison. She wonders if she can trust anyone or anything anymore – even her own mind. Lucy knows there must be something, somewhere that can tell her why she was chosen to receive the terrible visions, why she feels the sinister presence all around her. As Lucy searches desperately for answers, she knows time is running out. Too many people have disappeared – or worse – and the constant feeling of being surrounded by something truly evil grows stronger each night. Can Lucy defeat the evil in time?

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Rave-Worthy Recommendations (1)


Whenever I finish an excellent book, I immediately wish that I could identify similar ones that I would also likely enjoy.  While Goodreads has a recommendation section, I find that it’s challenging to navigate and that not all of the books are specifically tailored to each reader.  Word of mouth is also an excellent option, unless it’s three in the morning and you are mid-fangirling about your new favorite book boyfriend.  Something tells me a very disgruntled friend would be hanging up on you if you tried to call them (I’m clearly not speaking from personal experience).  My apparent dilemma ultimately caused me to arrive at an idea for a new series of posts: Rave-Worthy Recommendations.  Hopefully this post will give you a few more books to add to your already lengthy TBR!

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Monthly Rewind: May 2015


Monthly Rewind


Before we jump into our Monthly Rewind, we wanted to formally introduce a new blogger who will be joining us here at Brewing Up Books: congratulations Megan!  She’ll be a full time author/contributor to the blog, and she’s currently trying to figure out how to operate WordPress, so bear with her!  If you’d like to read a little bit more about her, click here or visit her goodreads.

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Review: The Unseen (#1-2)


13383074Title: The Unseen (#1-2)

Author: Richie Tankersley Cusick

Series: The Unseen Omnibus

Publisher: The Penguin Group

Publish Date: 2013

Genres: Young Adult, Thriller, Fantasy

Out walking alone one rainy night, Lucy becomes convinced that someone – or something – is following her. Spooked, she ducks into a cemetery to try and lose her stalker. Panicking in the darkness, she slips and stumbles into an open grave – only to discover she is not alone in there. She manages to escape, but soon begins having terrifying visions and dreams – and she still can’t shake the feeling of an unseen presence, always watching, waiting… Who was the girl in the grave? And what did she do to Lucy?

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