Summer 2016 Book Haul


Without the added stress and time consumption of school, summer equates to one thing: ample time to read, whether it be by the pool, at the beach, or in the comfort (and air conditioning) of home.  June,  July, and August also happen to be the months during which I spend the greatest amount of money on… you guessed it – books.  Despite my book hoarding tendencies which will likely bury me alive, I’ve gone on several shopping sprees over the past several weeks and have gradually been adding to my growing collection.

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Discussion: School Reading and English Courses (Back-to-School Edition)



With school right around the corner, it’s time to finish up those summer reading books an get your hands on the remaining books that you’ll be reading during the upcoming semester.  And then comes the stress of restraining yourself from highlighting the entire page or trying to find the correct page in class when you seem to be the only person with a different edition of the book.

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Discussion: Summer



I was in Barnes and Nobles recently, celebrating yet another year of surviving school. But as I was wondering the many rows of books, I couldn’t help noticing something. The amount of books that featured either summer, summer flings, or silhouettes of depressed looking girls (potentially crying) was very, very overwhelming…and this concerns me, probably more than it should. Continue reading