The Towering TBR Tag


The Towering TBR Tag
Bookstore sales and coupons will officially be the death of me, as my TBR pile clearly isn’t towering dangerously and threatening to smother me as it is.  Which clearly is NOT cause for alarm, as I continue to indulge in such book hoarding endeavors and have yet to experience death by books.  I’m also fairly talented at acquiring new books at a significantly higher rate than I can feasibly read them while remaining a tolerable human being.

As a result of my astronomically growing, ominously looming TBR pile, I’ve decided to compile an original tag dedicated to those towering TBR piles every reader casually sweeps under the rug with each trip to the bookstore.

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Reading 101: TBRing Like a Boss


I have a book buying addiction, and I cannot lie.  Particularly when it comes to acquiring books at a significantly faster rate than I can read them.  Death by ominously towering TBR pile appears exceedingly imminent at the moment and certainly would not come as a shock.  I use TBRing as a verb – that’s often the first indicator of a problem adorably cute bookish habit that all readers should partake in.

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Discussion: Where I Get My Books



I’ve never been a huge fan of audiobooks (I expressed my full-fledged dislike of them here), so the majority of the books that I acquire are either physical copies or ebooks.  Considering I’m a poor high school (almost college) student and dedicate nearly all of my money to purchasing books, I try to be as resourceful as possible.  Then again, I still shouldn’t be trusted in a bookstore with a credit card.

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Discussion: Popular Books I Have Yet to Read



I have a really bad habit of reading popular books several months to years after their release, after much of the hype has died down and all of my bookish friends have read it and moved on.  I’m constantly reminded of this when I visit a book’s Goodreads page and find that all of my friends posted reviews a few…years ago.

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Discussion: My (somewhat flawed) Formula for Selecting Books


DiscussionsI like to think that I’ve figured out how to add books to my TBR pile that I’ll enjoy – that I’ve turned it into an exact science…at least until I’m up at 3am writing a 1-star review that’s turned into more of a one-sided rant.  I thought I’d share my (not always perfect) formula for selecting books and hopefully learn a bit about how other people choose books – who knows, maybe I’ve been doing something wrong!

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